47 Ronin sequel
47 Ronin sequel has begun production in Budapest and is set to see stars like Anna Akana and Mark Dacascos featuring. Credits: Relativity Media, Universal Pictures

47 Ronin sequel starts production in Budapest after being announced last year and will be directed by Ron Yuan – the movie is set to see stars like Anna Akana and Mark Dacascos featuring.

The original movie was widely panned by film critics and movie audiences, with many calling the movie boring and it flopped at the box offices in the US and Japan – it unfortunately also opened alongside movies like The Hobbit, Anchorman 2, Wolf of Wall Street, and American Hustle.

47 Ronin sequel begins production work

The sequel to the original 47 Ronin movie in 2013, which starred Canadian actor Keanu Reeves as the main character, has begun principal photography in Budapest and will star actress Anna Akana (from Jupiter’s Legacy and Ant-Man) and Mark Dacascos (From Brotherhood of the Wolf and John Wick 3). The upcoming movie sequel will be directed by Ron Yuan.

The Executive Vice President of Universal 1440 Entertainment spoke about the 47 Ronin sequel, saying:

“We are excited to continue the story of these ancient Japanese samurai warriors with this next chapter of the 47 Ronin film franchise set in modern times. 

This all-new production features some of today’s most talented international action stars.

We think fans worldwide will be thrilled with director Ron Yuan’s vision of diverse and inclusive samurai warriors.”

Keanu Reeves not featuring

Quite noticeably, the lead actor from the first 47 Ronin movie, Keanu Reeves, will not be taking part in the upcoming movie sequel. The upcoming movie is likely to have little to no connection to the original movie’s story.

Keanu Reeves was not yet a big name at the time, prior to his rise to fame via the John Wick movies a little over 10 months after the release of 47 Ronin. He has since seen his career reach new heights with his work in John Wick, Cyberpunk 2077, Bill and Ted as well as the upcoming Matrix movie.

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