Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been involved in a four-car crash while driving his SUV in Los Angeles on Friday, January 21.

The star was not injured but the female driver of a red car is reported to have suffered a head injury. Pictures obtained by Celebrity News Site TMZ reveal the actor’s SUV on top of the car, with another vehicle. The impact of the crash caused the SUV’s airbags to deploy.

A spokesperson for Schwarzenegger told TMZ that he was helping out at an event at the time of the accident and is currently still taking care of business in that area.

TMZ reported that Schwarzenegger stopped to help the female driver with the accident. The driver of the red Prius was not as lucky and appeared to be bleeding heavily from her head. She was later taken to a hospital, and Schwarzenegger reportedly checked on her after the accident.

The photos showed the former bodybuilder at the scene of the crash with fitness personality Jake Steinfeld. Los Angeles police said in a press release to American media outlets that the crash did not involve drugs or alcohol and that no one was arrested at the scene.

Schwarzenegger is best known for starring in The Terminator movies, which were released from 1984-2019.

In a news release, the Los Angeles Police Department said the accident occurred at the junction of West Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue.

According to the police, alcohol or drugs were not suspected to be a factor in this collision. However, TMZ reports that the accident was believed to be caused by Schwarzenegger, who turned left when the left turn arrow was red.

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