Alec Baldwin hits back
Alec Baldwin hits back at George Clooney’s comments about gun safety, on his interview with ABC News with George Stephanopoulos. Credits: ABC News, CBS Sunday Morning

Alec Baldwin hits back at George Clooney’s comments about gun safety on his first public interview with ABC News since the Rust movie shooting, following the latter’s appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.

George Clooney speaks out

George Clooney was speaking about the Rust movie shooting involving Baldwin on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, he said that he had been on sets for more than 40 years, and the person responsible to the gun is either the prop person or the armorer, period.

He added that he was friends with an actor named Jon-Erik Hexum who accidentally pulled a gun with a blank in it and put it to his head, the actor ended up dying from the resulting concussion. Clooney then said that every single time he’s handed a gun on set, he would open it and look at it before showing it to the crew, every single take. And when he’s done with his scene, he does the same check again. He said that everyone does it and that he hoped that Alec did that as well during the Rust shooting.

Clooney then went on to note that dummies are tricky because they look like real bullets, where there’s a little hole in the back that somebody’s taking all the gunpowder out. He then questioned, “And why, for the life of me, this low-budget film, with producers who haven’t produced anything, wouldn’t have hired for the armorer someone with experience?”

He added: “With that many guys. And maybe they weren’t even using that gun for target practice, but they had live ammo with dummies in her pack. And that is insane. It’s infuriating.

Alec Baldwin hits back

Speaking to ABC News in his first public interview since the Rust movie shooting, the interviewer George Stephanopoulos asked Alec Baldwin about what he thought of George Clooney’s comments and remarks, to which Baldwin replied:

Well, there were a lot of people who felt it necessary to contribute some comment to the situation, which really didn’t help the situation. At all.

If your protocol is you check the gun every time, well, good for you.

I’ve probably handled weapons as much as any other actor in films with an average career.

Again, shooting or being shot by someone. And in that time, I had a protocol, and it never let me down.

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