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Actor Alec Baldwin shot dead a woman with a prop gun during filming for the movie Rust.

The victim was 42-year-old cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins.

The director Joel Souza, was also injured and is in critical condition in the hospital.

Alec Baldwin didn’t know gun contained live round

The sheriff of Santa Fe said that they were both shot when a prop gun was discharged by the veteran actor.

The accident involved the use of a prop gun that was supposed to fire blanks but it contained a live round.

Alec Baldwin was told that the gun was safe.

Alec Baldwin possibly sabotaged

A lawyer representing the armorer responsible for the weapons on the film set spoke to TODAY.

He said that someone deliberately put a live round into the prop gun.

The lawyer, Jason Bowles, said that Hannah Gutierrez (his client) loaded the gun with ammunition from a box that she believed only contained dummy rounds.

He added that it was possible someone placed live bullets inside the box.

Both the dummy and live rounds look very similar to each other.

The spokesperson for the producers of the movie, Rust Movie Productions, didn’t comment on the lawyer’s remarks.

The company added that they are investigating the incident.

They further added that no official complaints about the safety on set were received.

At the time of writing, no charges have been filed against anyone.

Told that gun was “cold”

Assistant director Dave Halls told Baldwin that the gun was “cold”.

To say something is “cold” is an industry term that means the prop if safe to use.

Gutierrez checked the gun before handing it to Halls.

She showed Halls each of the rounds by spinning the cylinder.

Halls then took the gun into a church where Baldwin was doing some rehearsals for the scene.


Baldwin shed light on his thoughts, saying that he was heartbroken by the incident.

He shared that he is fully cooperating with the authorities.

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