Alfred believes Bruce Wayne
Alfred believes Bruce Wayne has gone crazy in The Batman, with Robert Pattinson offering some insight into Bruce Wayne’s frame of mind. Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

Alfred believes Bruce Wayne has gone crazy in the upcoming The Batman movie, with Robert Pattinson offering some insight into the frame of mind that his character of Bruce Wayne is in for the upcoming movie.

Alfred believes Bruce Wayne is going insane

Speaking to Empire, Robert Pattinson shared what the frame of mind of his character Bruce Wayne aka Batman is like in the upcoming movie The Batman, revealing that Alfred Pennyworth (portrayed by Andy Serkis) thinks he has gone insane.

Pattinson shared that his version of Bruce Wayne is not really a socialist and has been hiding away, building his Bat-gadgets, which was previously done by his business manager Lucius Fox in the Christripher Nolan trilogy.

“Bruce has been hiding away, he’s not really a socialite at all. He’s building all these little contraptions and things, just with Alfred.

And even Alfred thinks he’s gone insane!

He’s been out every single night for two years, getting beaten up and shot and stabbed and burnt, and it shows.”

Iconic superhero

Alfred Pennyworth is of course played by Andy Serkis, star of Lord Of The Rings where he played the unforgettable character of Gollum – he is returning back in front of the camera following the success of Venom: Let There Be Carnage earlier in the year.

Batman aficionados will of course be familiar with Alfred, who becomes the closest thing to a father figure to Bruce Wayne following the latter’s parents’ deaths – Alfred’s role in the upcoming The Batman movie will see inspiration being drawn from the Year One and The Long Halloween comics, although it is still unclear what role he played in the story as a whole.

Director Matt Reeves also added that The Batman will focus on the detective aspect of Batman in a way that has never been seen before in previous movie iterations, and fans are excited to see how Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the Dark Knight pans out in the movie.

The Batman will be released in cinemas on March 4, 2022.

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