Alfred Molina wanted Jacob
Alfred Molina wanted Jacob Batalon’s autograph on the set while they were filming for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Credits: Marvel Studios

Alfred Molina wanted Jacob Batalon’s autograph on the set while they were filming for Spider-Man: No Way Home, with the Ned Leeds actor being surprised and thinking that Molina was trying to pull his leg or something.

Alfred Molina wanted Jacob Batalon’s autograph

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in an interview, Jacob Batalon (who plays Spider-Man’s sidekick Ned Leeds) revealed that acting legend Alfred Molina (who plays Doc Ock aka Dr Otto Octavius) was excited to meet his younger co-star and even had a surprising request for him when they met on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Batalon didn’t believe him at first.

When I first met Alfred, I think, he told me that his – I believe step-daughter was a big fan of mine. And he asked me to give him like an autographed picture.

At first I thought he was kidding, I literally thought he was just trying to pull my leg or something, but he was genuinely asking me for a picture. And I was like, ‘Of course I will.’

And now we’re best friends.

Jacob Batalon

The interaction between the two actors from different generations appears to sum up what Spider-Man: No Way Home is all about, with different actors from different movies reprising their roles and coming together to create what is truly a masterful art piece – Alfred Molina was also one of the most hyped-up characters of the movie, featuring very heavily in the movie’s marketing campaign and didn’t disappoint when the movie was eventually released.

History-making movie

Spider-Man: No Way Home raked in $253 million in its first weekend alone, making it the movie with the third-biggest opening of all time and the largest since the pandemic started – it made $121.5 million on the opening day alone, even with the Omicron variant wreaking havoc across the globe – a huge chunk of the fan excitement has been fueled by the introduction of the multiverse, which sees the actors from other Spider-Man franchises reprising their roles.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now showing at all theaters.

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