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acter’s origin and what to expect. There will be some spoilers in this article. Photo Souce: Riot Games

Netflix has released 3 more episodes of Arcane on November 13, 2021. We will reveal the character’s origin and what to expect. There will be some spoilers in this article. (ar cane)

The 3 episodes crawl deeper into the origin of how Powder became Jinx.

Arcane is targeted at a matured audience and features the psychological changes of how Powder was driven into her alter-ego.

Jinx (Powder)

Jinx was showing signs of insanity in each of the episodes, from rejection to desperation and finally to madness. She takes on the name Jinx to forget about her sister who she believed abandoned her.

After Jinx was taken by Silco, he conditioned her to become his weapon. Fans believed that Silco is Jhin in the game League of Legends (A sharpshooter who wears a mask).

Jinx managed to take the lives of several enforcers from the upper city and stole Hextech crystals to prove her worth to Silco.

However, Silco was not pleased with Jinx getting into trouble. But changed his mind moments later when Jinx showed him the stolen Hextech crystals.

Jinx was ordered by Silco to quickly weaponize the Hextech Crystals.

As Jinx struggles with her identity, Vi returns and reunites with her. But the reunion was short, as Vi was kidnapped by her comrades moments later.

It is believed by many fans that the man who took Vi from Jinx is Ekko.

Jinx screams in desperation after her sister was taken from her.

The constant mental trauma finally drove her mad.


Jayce was a ‘puppet’ in the council and controlled by Mel.

Mel was the one who convinced the council to allow Jayce to mix magic with technology to create new inventions in the first 3 episodes of the series.

Jayce was furious as he slowly discovers corruption in the city and wants to eradicate all of them until Mel stepped in and pulled the leash on him.

She even had a physical relationship with Jayce.

Mel manages to convince Jayce to “close one of his eyes” from the powerful people in the city who are smuggling illegal goods into the city, little did Jayce know this will end up badly for both him and the city.

As Viktor was dying, Jayce became desperate to find a way to save Viktor, He tried to convince Heimerdinger and showed his latest discovery that his invention could work with organic material. Hoping that it will unlock a cure to save Viktor.

However, Heimerdinger showed disapproval and wants to destroy the latest discovery.

In the game League of Legends, Viktor is a robot.

It is believed that later in the series, Viktor discovers a way to live on as a robot with his consciousness transferred over to a metal body.

Ultimately, Jayce forces Heimerdinger to step down from the head of the council and forces him to retire.

What to expect in Episode 7 – 9 of Arcane

It is believed that Jinx finally weaponized the Hextech Crystals and a war erupts.

Jayce had no choice but to weaponized the crystals to fight off the threat from Silco.

In the trailer for the last 3 episodes of Arcane, Vi was seen wearing her signature robotic boxing gloves alongside Jayce armed with a robot hammer.

Act 3 will be available on Netflix on November 20th at midnight (PT).

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Arcane Final Trailer

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