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Earlier today, an event that was hosted by Netflix and Riot Games announced that Arcane will have a season 2. Credit: Riot Games

Earlier today, an event that was hosted by Netflix and Riot Games announced that Arcane will have a season 2. (Ar cane)

Arcane has slowly become one of the most popular shows on Netflix, it was ranked number 2 on Netflix global charts as of 48 hours ago.

Arcane is based on the popular MOBA game League of Legends, the game was launched in 2009 and it has already built a fair share of fans from around the globe.

According to PC Gamer, there are around 180 million League of Legend players worldwide.

What do fans expect in Season 2?

Fans were expecting Heimendinger to pull out his mini turrets in the 1st season but it never happened, there was not a single scene of Heimendinger in combat.

With the release of Act 3, Vi was finally seen wearing her signature boxing gloves alongside Jayce’s gigantic hammer which are both powered by Hextech.

The current Arcane series takes place at Piltover and Zaun, which is a tiny microscope in the world of League of Legends.

For fans who are not familiar with the game. Let’s put it in context.

There are 140 characters in League of Legends and so far and only 10 of the characters have appeared in season one of Arcane.

  • Vi (Grew up in the undercity and eventually got into a relationship with Caitlyn)
  • Jinx (Also known as powder, she was driven into insanity and wreck havoc in both Piltover and Zaun)
  • Ekko (Grew up in a repair shop and often carries a pocket watch)
  • Singed (A underground scientist who had a fallingout with Heimerdinger after diverse views)
  • Caitlyn (A daughter from a rich family and working as an enforcer)
  • Jayce (A young inventor who seeks justice for the city but he was mislead)
  • Heimerdinger (A member of the council)
  • Viktor (appeared in his human form, due to sickness he will changed his body into a robotic one)
  • Kindred (appeared as a customer in the undercity’s brothel for a few seconds)
  • Teemo (appeared in a book for a mere 2 seconds)

There is still so much more unexplored content in the world of League of Legends such as the Noxus, Demacia, and many more.

Netflix should seriously consider making it into a long-running show as we are very sure fans have not gotten near enough.

They should slowly explore the main characters of each land and let war erupt fulfilling what fans want to see.

Characters from Noxus such as Darius and Katarina have not appeared yet. For Demacia, Lux and Garen.

Our writers were right about Act 3 spoilers.

When is Arcane Season 2?

In the event, Riot Games confirmed that Arcane season 2 is already in production.

Arcane’s Twitter profile is a preview of Season 2 with the voices of the main character from season 1 stating that season 2 will be a continuation of the story. (Ar Cane)

Arcane is most likely coming in late 2022 or 2023.

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