Batgirl movie coming
We have some details of the upcoming Batgirl movie that will be released in 2022, so far 4 of the cast members has been announced. Credits: Leslie Grace Instagram and DC FanDome

We have some details of the upcoming Batgirl movie that will be released in 2022, so far 4 of the cast members has been announced.

1. What and who is Batgirl?

She is a prominent character within the DC Universe, having been the first female superhero to be introduced in DC Comics, as well as one of the first female superheroes in mainstream American comics as a whole.

The character was created as a female counterpart to the superhero Batman.

In her secret identity, she is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of police commissioner James Gordon.

Batgirl operates in Gotham City alongside Batman and Robin.

2. Who is the cast of the Batgirl Movie?

As of now the movie is on tigher wraps than Spiderman: No Way Home.

Only 4 actors has been listed

  • Brendan Fraser as Garfield Lynns (Firefly)
  • J.K Simmons as Commisioner Gordon
  • Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon
  • And lastly Jacob Scipio with an unknown role.

3. What is the synopsis of the Batgirl Movie?

We all love some good superhero movies and we all love some great movies.

But what is the best superhero movie? some people would say Batman.

That may be true, but it all depends on what you like. Let’s get into the movie and see what it is all about.

The plot of the movie is under wraps and consider the age of Leslie Grace, we are expecting it to be an origin story of Batgirl.

In the Silver age of the comic books, Babara Gordon is a librarian in Gotham City and she has always been a fan of Batman, she made and wore the Batgirl suit to the Policeman’s Masquerade Ball.

She encountered a villian in the evening and helped Batman and Robin to stop the crime.

But for the rendition in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, She was the niece of Commisioner Gordon and her parents shared a tragic death as Bruce Wayne.

She found out that her uncle was in contact with Batman and she started a journey to become a cape crusader herlf.

4. Who is producing the Batgirl movie?

It was announced on the 17th of January 2018 that Joss Whedon would be writing a standalone movie for Batgirl.

However he made an exit months later after he felt that his ideas wont be a good fit for the movie, and Christina Hodson the director for BumbleBee took over.

The movie is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah

This is an exciting announcement that has already gotten the rumor mill running and its starting to finally realized after 3 years.

5. When is Batgirl coming

We are almost at the end of 2021 and there are no conclusive dates of the release, yet the official statements insist that it is “somewhere in 2022”.

The Batgirl movie will be available on HBO Max once it’s released.

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