Ben Affleck almost
Ben Affleck almost became Superman in filmmaker Kevin Smith’s Superman Lives, before the movie was scrapped. Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures, Focus Features, Walt Disney Studios

Ben Affleck almost became Superman in filmmaker Kevin Smith’s Superman Lives, with Michael Rooker poised to play Lex Luthor before the movie was scrapped. The actor was in fact Kevin Smith’s first choice to play the Kryptonian superhero, with the actor being one of the most in-demand actors since the 1990s at the time.

Ben Affleck almost became Superman

Speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment’s The Never Were’s, Kevin Smith reflected on his time working on Superman Lives and revealed that he wanted Ben Affleck to play the role of Superman. However, producer Jon Peters wanted Sean Penn after he saw the movie Dead Man Walking.

“I was writing it for Affleck, it was very Mallrats inspired because my Lex Luthor was Michael Rooker and my Superman was Ben.

Ben was heating up, I think he had just been hired for Armageddon so I was like ‘he could be a legit movie star’.

He’s got dark hair, I’m that uncreative where I’m like ‘Ben has dark hair, Superman has dark hair. Ben’s tall’.

That was the thing, Affleck may notice from pictures but he’s a f—–g giant like he’s built like a superhero, built like a giant action figure, particularly with the height. And then he puts on the muscles there too.

So in my head and heart, it was always Ben and Michael Rooker which is a weird Mallrats reunion.”

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is one of the most well-known collaborators with Ben Affleck, with the duo collaborating on 6 movies together. And although Superman Livers never saw the light of day, Smith has been very vocal about his time working on the project in the mid to late 90s.

Ben Affleck of course, has since starred as multiple superheroes, including Daredevil and Batman, with the actor set to return one last time as Batman in The Flash.

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