The most exciting promotional period of the year, Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday or Cyber Week.

The most exciting promotional period of the year, Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday or Cyber Week.

Hint: Buy your Christmas gifts early so you can save some money.

When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

  • Black Friday is on 26 November 2021
  • Cyber Monday is on 29 November 2021

What are the deals expected?

Instead of rushing into stores like any other shopper, we suggest buying online. It not only reduces crowds in areas but you are also keeping both yourself and your family safe from the ongoing pandemic.

It is now time for you to go check out your favorite brands. As prior to the annual event, almost all major brands have already started including deals on their homepage. Some brands such as Sony or Toshiba are already ready.

BestBuy has some great deals on Black Friday

Best buy is launching a crazy sale and TVs are getting promotions between $50 to $900 depending on the brand and model.

Apple Ipad Pro 2nd Generation has a discount of $150. (Woah!)

But of course, we cannot completely rule out and say that there will be no good deals in retail shops as well.

Cyber Monday is all about tech

If your looking to sign up for any digital services such as Netflix or Disney Plus now is the time.

Digital service products often go really hardcore on promotions during this time of the year. Some computer brands are already advertising with so many Black Friday deals even before the event has started. Some examples are Dell or NordVPN.

If electronics is your go-to, your first stop should be Amazon US. It is almost guaranteed that you will find great deals here, If your Amazon Prime member that is even better. You will get your goods faster with their express shipping service.

My experience with Black Friday

Editors Comment: On the last Black Friday, I managed to secure a few good deals which include an Ultrawide LG Monitor, the regular price of the monitor was $600 and I got it at around $380.

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