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Brandon Routh says his return as Superman to the Arrowverse was a “healing experience” – the actor played Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns. Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

Brandon Routh says his return as Superman to the Arrowverse was a “healing experience” – the actor famously played the iconic Kryptonian superhero in 2006’s Superman Returns and he reprised his role as Superman in his return to the Arrowverse.

Brandon Routh says reprising role as Superman was “healing”

Speaking during a podcast interview on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, Brandon Routh described his return as Superman to the Arrowverse as a “healing experience”. The actor, who also played Ray Palmer aka The Atom in CW’s Arrow as well as The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, spoke about the insecurities he faced when making the Superman Returns movie but now that he has reprised his role again after all these years, he is able to relax more.

Routh also spoke about how heartbroken he was when the sequel to Superman Returns never materialized and explained the studio’s decision not to move forward with the sequel because of the movie’s huge budget compared to what they made at the box office.

The first time was so much pressure that I was trying not to look at and couldn’t even conceive of.

I was like ‘I will appreciate the next one, relax into the next one and get through this’. I have a lot of gratitude for having the opportunity to do this again for all the parties that made it possible.

The first day I came onto set shooting the Batwoman episode and it was the first time I was appearing as Superman in it and I just thought ‘I’ve already done it.’

Even if this is the only scene I’m doing the emotional wound or scar that was left from my experience on Superman Returns was mostly healed because all the lead-up to that. The costume fitting, the wonderful warm fan reaction.

People were excited and appreciative of having me return to play the character was validating and healing in so many ways that being there that first day was the most magical of times and I was able to relax and appreciate the experience because I didn’t have to prove anything.

Just being there having done that, not having been the character for so long and was still thought of, I guess highly enough to reprise even for that little bit was validation I didn’t know that I needed I guess and that was very healing.

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