Bruce Wayne & Alfred
Bruce Wayne & Alfred are apparently not on speaking terms in The Batman, with the relationship between the two becoming strained. Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

Bruce Wayne & Alfred are apparently not on speaking terms in the upcoming movie The Batman, with the relationship between the two becoming strained, as compared to their traditional close-knit relationship in previous movies.

Bruce Wayne & Alfred not speaking to each other

Speaking to Slash Film, Andy Serkis who plays Alfred Pennyworth, the butler of Robert Pattinson‘s Bruce Wayne aka Batman; says that Bruce Wayne and Alfred aren’t exactly on good terms in The Batman. He described their interactions are being “very icy” and “painful”, while revealing that the duo “almost never talk” and are living in “separate worlds”.

Bruce is on this nihilistic journey, and they’ve pulled apart … It’s got to the point where they almost no longer talk.

If they bump into each other in the corridor, it’s a very icy and painful greeting.

They almost live in separate worlds now.

Andy Serkis

However, Andy Serkis stopped short of revealing what exactly caused their fractured relationship, apart from Bruce Wayne‘s pursuit of his caped-vigilante mission to take down the bad guys roaming the streets of Gotham.

Fatherly relationship

The traditional relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred has always been one of Alfred being somewhat of a father figure to Bruce, most notably in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy where Michael Caine portrayed a loving and wise father-figure to Christian Bale’s Batman – although they do have their moments of friction in the movies.

It is all the more refreshing to see a different relationship dynamic between the two characters in the upcoming The Batman, offering a different take to the two’s usual relationship in previous movie iterations. As of now, not much information is available and we can only wait and see as more trailers, teasers and information are released along the way.

The Batman will be released in cinemas in 2022.

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