Doc Ock wanted poster
the wanted poster was seen on a copy of The Daily Bugle in the movie. Credits: Marvel Studios, Instagram @atlanta_filming

Doc Ock’s wanted poster from Spider-Man: No Way Home has been revealed in a close up photo on Instagram – the wanted poster was seen on a copy of The Daily Bugle in the movie and is part of the props used in the filming of the fight scene between Doc Ock and Spider-Man.

Doc Ock wanted poster seen up close

All of the villains from the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home have been featured in the movie’s marketing campaign so far, with the bulk of the attention on Alfred Molina‘s Doc Ock – his skirmish with Spidey has been featured rather heavily in various news media as promotion for the movie.

Instagram page @atlanta_filming posted a close-up photo of the Doc Ock wanted poster onto their profile, providing details on the aftermath of that fight scene with Spidey – the wanted poster reads:


“Last seen on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge with Peter Parker’s alter ego, Spider-Man. Likely to be wearing a long coat and dark-rimmed glasses. Maybe be literally armed with metal limbs.”

Is Doc Ock a villain in No Way Home?

Following the culmination of 2004’s Spider-Man 2, Doc Ock appeared to have let go of his villainous intentions and become a good guy, ultimately sacrificing himself to stop the nuclear reactor that he built from exploding, and in the process redeeming himself.

It is not entirely impossible for the character to continue upon the path of redemption in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Doc Ock was seen in the movie trailers fighting Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man and when he realizes that this incarnation of the web-slinger is different from Tobey Maguire‘s Spidey, he didn’t go for the kill. Also when he’s captured and brought to the Sanctum Sanctorum, he was seen in the trailers having a somewhat civil conversation with Peter Parker.

But fans will only know what role he plays when the movie ultimate comes out in a few days.

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