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The controversial former president Donald Trump scored a couple of legal wins on Friday after Summer Zervos, a former contestant of the former’s “Apprentice” TV show, agreed to drop her claims against him.

Zervos had filed a lawsuit against Trump in 2017 for defamation following his denial against her allegations that he sexually assaulted the former, where Trump was then ordered to sit for a deposition by 23 December.

Donald Trump v Summer Zervos

Her attorneys released a statement saying that “the parties have ended the Zervos vs Trump lawsuit and after 5 years, (she) no longer wishes to litigate against the defendant”.

They added, perhaps more importantly, that she has “secured her right to speak freely about her experience”, where Zervos maintains that her allegations were true and she didn’t accept or receive any form of compensation.

No other information or reasons were made publicly available about her reasons for dropping the lawsuit.

A joint-stipulation document filed stated that both parties have dismissed all claims and counterclaims pertaining to the matter and are discontinued in their entirety, both sides are to bear their own costs for the lawsuit.

Responding to the lawsuit, an ironic statement from Trump said that “President Trump has been totally vindicated”.

Donald Trump v Michael Cohen

In another lawsuit that was filed against Donald Trump’s Company by Michael Cohen in 2019, it was ultimately dismissed following the granting of Trump’s motion to dismiss it by New York Judge Joel Cohen.

Cohen had initially sought reimbursement of his legal fees, alleging that after he started cooperating with the federal investigators, the Trump Organization failed to fulfil their contractual obligations of indemnification and settle his legal bills for the work that he did for the company.

He alleged that the Trump Organization had initially fulfilled its obligation by paying about $37,460 to McDermott Will & Emery LLP, a firm that had initially represented him (Cohen).

Michael Cohen then criticized the decision of the judge, calling it “terrible” and that he would be discussing with his attorney(s) and deciding whether he would be filing an appeal.

Trump Organization called the decision an “incredible victory” that “puts an end to the frivolous litigation by convicted felon Michael Cohen”; they added that they would be seeking monetary damages against him for his “despicable conduct”.

Most divisive president in US history

Donald Trump’s tenure as the president of the United States has divided opinions, as well as the country; so where does he stand in the list of Top 10 American presidents? And apart from Tweeting on his phone, what exactly has he done during his solitary term as the most powerful man on earth?

Despite being a point of controversy throughout his term as president (one could even argue that his controversy stems across his entire life), Trump has been quite a cult figure in pop culture.

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