Dwayne Johnson calls out
Dwayne Johnson calls out Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi to take on his Black Adam in a fight, saying that he’s “gonna need more than 10 Rings”. Credits: DC Films, Marvel Studios

Dwayne Johnson calls out Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi (or anyone from Marvel) to take on his Black Adam in a fight, saying that he’s “gonna need more than 10 Rings”, in a congratulatory post to the actor’s win at the People’s Choice Awards last week.

Dwayne Johnson calls out Shang-Chi

Dwayne Johnson posted a photo of himself with actor Simu Liu at last week’s People’s Choice Awards, where both men took home awards – Simu Liu won Action Movie Star of 2021 while Dwayne Johnson won Male Movie Star of 2021 and Comedy Movie Star of 2021. Johnson was also honored with the People’s Champion Award for his philanthropic efforts as well as contributions to the industry.

In his Instagram caption, Johnson said that he was very happy for Simu Liu‘s success and that it is great to see him break new ground in the industry, lauding him for raising the bar with Shang-Chi. However, he then jokingly taunted him and said that he was going to need a lot more than 10 Rings and that he should let him know if he, or anyone from Marvel, wants to dance with the Man in Black.

Quite noteworthily, Dwayne Johnson then signed off his caption with the name Black Adam.

Black Adam vs Shang-Chi

I think it would be fairly safe to say that a Shang-Chi and Black Adam crossover would be highly unlikely, what with Marvel and DC being major competitors and wouldn’t want to help promote their competition. But it would be quite interesting to see who wins in a fight between the two though, and with Black Adam yet to be released yet, fans are unsure what his fighting style on screen would be. But Shang-Chi has the more impressive action sequences and fight scenes so far this year, thanks to Liu’s remarkable work with stunts.

Black Adam is scheduled for release in the United States on July 29, 2022.

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