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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has shared some photos taken on the set of his new project. The film is about a superhero by the name of Black Adam and it will be released sometime in 2022. / Image Source: Instagram @therock

Dwayne Johnson has shared some photos taken on the set of his new project. The film is about a villian by the name of Black Adam and it will be released sometime in 2022. Originally created in 1945 as a one-time villain for the original Captain Marvel characters (Shazam!), this character would go on to become a recurring foe of the Shazam family after DC bought up the rights to them.

Although it’s not completely determined how this movie will play out, Jann Jones once stated that she wanted to create a backstory where if Black Adam were ever turned good, he could actually turn into an ally to Billy Batson because they needed him to take down Doctor Sivana at one point!

Dwayne Johnson had an experience with this project stretching back to 2006 when production began on the Shazam! film. Originally, Johnson was meant to play the hero pic’s titular role of Captain Marvel. Unfortunately, the former wrestler turned superstar expressed that he would prefer to be The Power of Shazam’s villain instead – Black Adam. After production of the project was paused in 2009 due to scheduling conflicts, it was later revived in 2014 when Warner Bros. began plans for their own interconnected cinematic universe and was confirmed that Johnson would make his DCEU debut in Shazam!. However, it was decided that their original plans would be split into two separate films dubbed Worlds collide as opposed to one – so as a result audiences could get more of Black Adam than they initially thought as well as having more time dedicated solely to Shazam!

Johnson recently shared behind the scenes how he spent many hours in a high tech machine in order to do the CGI for Black Adam

In his Instagram post, he said:

“Very long workday, but very productive for our VFX production of BLACK ADAM. 10 hours of sitting in “the egg” shooting extremely complicated sequences where I can only move my eyes, head & shoulders focusing on marks no bigger than a quarter – all while performing as #BlackAdam.

In the mythology, TETH ADAM (his original name before his soul is darkened to BLACK), starts off as a slave in his birthplace of Kahndaq. These slave sequences are super intricate and complex.

Requires a real TEAM EFFORT to get the job done.
A huge THANK YOU to/
our director, Jaume Collet Serra.
our Black Adam VFX Supervisor, and two time Oscar winner, Bill Westenhofer.
our entire A+ post production crew
and the brilliant LOLA Visual Effects Team.
Thank you all for your time and incredible talents and I can’t wait for the world to finally see THE MAN IN BLACK”

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