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This is the first official image of the movie Extraction 2 , Chris Hemsworth will be as Tyle Rake for a second movie / Source: Twitter @ Netflix Geeked

This is the first official image of the movie Extraction 2 , Chris Hemsworth will be back as Tyler Rake for the second movie. Netflix’s first Extraction movie stirred much hype when it debuted in April 2020, seizing the attention of audiences around the world who were stuck at home because of COVID-19. The film starred Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary hired to rescue a young man who was held captive by an Indian drug lord; although his fate was unclear at the end of the movie, the final scene directly implied that he had not, in fact, fallen victim to COVID-19.

Earlier this year Netflix confirmed that Extraction 2 is in production and the directors of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame will be directing the sequel. Previously Sam Hargrave shared a video of the set in a snowy background in Prague. There is no exact release for the movie released by it is expected to arrive by early 2023.

Earlier today, Twitter account Netflix Geeked shared an image of Chris Hemsworth on set as Tyler Rake in a snowy background, Hemsworth was seen climbing the sides of a train and he has some wounds above his eyebrow.

The first movie Extraction is one of the most watch movies on Netflix and the sequel demands a level of certain results. Extraction 2 may be no ordinary sequel – it’ll need to live up to the success of its first installment. The first film was a huge hit for Netflix and it is currently the platform’s third most-watched film after Bird Box and Red Notice. The sequel will need to prove that it can captivate audiences who have plenty of entertainment options at their fingertips.

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