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Gordon Ramsay turns 55-years-old today. Ramsay is best known for his on-screen persona as a fierce and raging chef and a master of insults. He was born on 8 November 1966 and he is an actual chef and not just a celebrity personality. His fame came when he starred in “Boiling Point” in 1999.

In the same year, he opened a restaurant known as Pétrus which earned him a Michelin star within 7 months. 2 years later he started Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s which also received a Michelin star later on.

International Fame

He was already a very rich chef even before he was a TV celebrity.

In 2004, his fame grew internationally after he became the star in shows such as Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and later on Hell’s Kitchen.

In the show, he guides food businesses that are on the verge of failing and teaches the owners and chefs to become successful. The show is most well known for the dirty truth behind a restaurant’s kitchen, where it showed how dirty some restaurants really are.

Ramsay is often seen showing his disgust over the standards of poor food handling and hygiene standards.

In 2007, the American version of Hell’s Kitchen aired which further increase his fame to the next level, which in return started a whole series of shows for him which includes The F-Word, Kitchen Knightmares US, MasterChef, Master Chef Junior, and many more.

Ramsay’s Book Business

Other than managing his multi-million restaurant businesses and TV shows, He has published multiple bestseller cooking books such as Humble Pie and Gordon Ramsay’s Playing with Fire.

The Ramsay Family

Ramsay is often seen on a few of his cook shows getting his son Jack and Tilly to get hands-on and help him prepare food in the Kitchen. One thing is for sure, with Gordon Ramsay as the man of the house there will always be good food on the table.

Recent Activities

Recently he has been seen on Tik Tok videos insulting the food of home cooks, many would often film or take a photo of their food for Ramsay to review. He always has a comeback and the perfect insult for the food.

One of the phrases that got famous is “It’s vile”.

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