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This was a very close game for the Hornets, a crucial mistake by the Warriors cost them the game in the last few seconds of the game.

This was a very close game for the Hornets, a crucial mistake by the Warriors cost them the game.

Throughout the first 3 quarters, both teams were scoring almost the same among of points.

In the first quarter, the Hornets lead by only 3 points. (Hornets 30 – 27 Warriors)

In the second quarter, both teams scored a similar amount of points as the 1st quarter with the Warriors taking 30 points and the Hornets taking 27 points. (Hornet 57 – Warriors 57). Ending the 2nd quarter in a draw.

In the 3rd quarter, both teams were not giving each other any chances, and the warriors managed to lead with 1 point (Warriors 88 – 87 Hornets).

The battle starts in 4th quarter

The Warriors had a bad start in the 4th quarter.

It started with Curry passing a ball but it was stolen by the Hornet player Kelly Oubre Jr making an easy layup.

Warriors player Damon Lee returned the favor with a layup allowing the warriors to lead again.

It seems that at the 4th quarter the player fatigue levels were low and Hornet player LeMelo Ball did an easy layup bypassing 2 Warriors’ defenders.

LaMelo was confident and tried to perform the same attack pattern again but failed to score, The Warriors took the rebound and threw the ball all over to the other side of the court allowing Curry to score a risky layup.

Draymond Green overpowered LaMelo’s defense with a bit of body contact and scored a layup in through the center.

Hornets and Warriors fierce fight to come out on top

With less than 5 minutes in the last quarter, both teams were pulling hard and not giving each other to pull the points further.

In the last 3 minutes of the game, the Hornets were leading by 1 point. The Warriors did not score any points in the last two times they were in possession of the ball.

At 2 minute 25 seconds, Terry Rozier ran dribble towards the free-throw line and managed to score and draw a foul adding another point to the basket.

It was looking bad at this point for the Warriors. But the Warriors did not give up.

With 45 seconds left in the game, Green managed to go through the defense and did a drunk and bring the game back to a tie and the Hornets called for a time out.

With the possession back with the Hornets, Miles Bridges managed to score an expected 2 pointer catching Green off guard.

Kevon Looney tried to dash in for a quick score but his shots were blocked off by Mason Plumlee. It was a foul and Looney was given a chance at 2 shots at the free-throw line.

This is the Warrior’s last chance to win the game but Looney failed both of his shots and the Hornets got the rebound.

The Warriors were desperate with both Iguodala and Green marking Terry Rozier tightly but fouling in the mid-court and the referee ruled a jump ball as they could not decide who is in possession.

The Hornets got the jump ball and Terry Rozier was seen dribbling the ball in circles to let the clock run. Looney tried to snatch the ball but a technical foul was called.

Rozier made the score from the free-throw line and the game was over.

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