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You may even know about Simu Liu and Awkwafina, But who is Tony Leung? / Credits: Marvel Studios

You may even know about Simu Liu and Awkwafina, But who is Tony Leung?

In Shang Chi, Tony Leung played the villainous father Wen Wu who was blinded by love and revenge, He eventually struggles with his relationship with his son Shang Chi (Simu Liu).

When the first trailer of Shang Chi was released, the media was worried that Tony Leung’s good looks would outshine the star of the movie.

It’s a shame Tony Leung isn’t more famous in the mainstream West, Because in Asia he is called “the man who can speak with his eyes

That is both a compliment to his dashing good looks and his incredible acting talent.

History of Tony Leung

With 40 plus years of acting experience, Whopping five Hong Kong Film Awards for best actor and a Cannes Film Festival best actor award to boot. This is a man with a lot to offer.

Born in a poor family with a lot of arguments, His father, a chronic gambler who left the family when he was eight. Leung’s quiet and introverted personality was formed in this environment.

He eventually became friends with Stephen Chow, you might know Chow from the film Kung Fu Hustle.

Chow always wanted to be an actor and through him, Leung also began to learn to act together. Which builds his interest in the film industry.

With an 8mm film camera, they made some short films, Acting became one of Leung’s emotional outlets

People won’t find out it’s my emotion, They think I’m acting like someone else, But it’s actually me,” Tony Leung said.

Eventually, Stephen Chow auditioned for the acting school in Hong Kong’s biggest TV station and Tony Leung went with Chow as moral support.

In an ironic twist, you probably saw coming, Chow failed and Leung got in.

Leung eventually became very successful in Hong Kong and to date, he has 78 movie/drama titles to his name in both Hong Kong and Hollywood.

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