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The three-episode premiere of HBO Max’s Peacemaker show mocked John Cena’s Peacemaker in more than a way you can imagine. / Image Source: HBO

The three-episode premiere of HBO Max’s Peacemaker show mocked John Cena aka Peacemaker in more than a way you can imagine. After the character was made known by James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (Which the internet also mocks). Cena is getting his own television series as the Peacemaker.

In large part due to his muscular body, Cena’s name has been put in discussions about major superhero roles. Over the years, he’s been discussed as a potential candidate for Captain America or any other character that you may think of. Although there were many people who supported the idea of casting an actor with WWE experience in such significant comic book roles, some were against it because they felt that DC and Marvel should continue to uphold the actors who have been playing their superheroes for so long. However, Cena’s astonishing performance in Bumblebee movie helped change people’s opinion yet again… In fact, some even considered him to be a serious contender for the Shazam role.

In addition to that meme, Peacemaker seemed to be pro-steroids when Cena responded disrespectfully towards Adebayo saying that the Milwaukee Roided-Up Toilet Bowl Heads do not have enough members. Instead of denying or confirming steroid use, Cena’s Peacemaker seemed to take a liking to her saying that he was from Milwaukee. According to numerous sources, the WWE has an entire steroid drug testing policy in place and every wrestler must pass these before they can get onto their shows. There are also many other policies in place such as random drug testings whenever management deems necessary.

Whether you are a fan of John Cena or not, saying he takes steroids is both a joke and a cliche.

Fans comment “What irony to talk about steroids on a WWE star”. John Cena was a good spot for mocking himself in the series.

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