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John Cho famous for the classic comedy movie Harold and Kumar is the star of the latest Netflix film Cowboy Bebop along with Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda star in this live-action adaptation of Shinichiro Watanabe’s classic anime.

Cho will be playing Spike Spiegel, a bounty hunter born on Mars with a history of violent gang activity whose preferred fighting style is fist-fighting. For the role, Cho grew out his hair to mimic Spike’s look from the anime

This anime is about scouring space for bounties, a ragtag crew, a former hitman, an ex-cop, a con artist, a hacker kid, and a data dog.

Fans says John Cho is too old

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is set to take off this November, but many Cowboy Bebop fans have been criticizing their appearance. Taking aim at John Cho’s age, in particular, anime fans were quick to point out how John Cho is a 49-year-old man portraying a 27-year-old character in Spike Spiegel.

Despite the backlash being lobbed at Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, John Cho claims it was a gut decision to take on the role of Spike in Cowboy Bebop and that he’s never taken a role more seriously than the Netflix Cowboy Bebop.

Cho Studied for the role

Before being approached to be involved in Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, John Cho said he wasn’t familiar with the Cowboy Bebop anime franchise, but after reading the 1st Cowboy Bebop episode’s script, he did some more digging into the Cowboy Bebop anime and thought it was one of the most unique pieces of entertainment he’s seen in a long while.

Hopefully, Anime fans will hold off casting judgment till the CowboyBebop drops on #Netflix. Look out for Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop streaming on November 19th.

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