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Keanu Reeves recently revealed to fans of the Superman/Batman movie series that he would love to join the reboot franchise after playing the title role in Constantine, a 2005 film that was praised for its unpredictable plot but criticized for its grotesque characters and heavy use of special effects.

Reeves says that he is surprised at how poorly both he and the movie were received by critics. He admits it may have been the fault of his acting skills or maybe it is really true that Hollywood studios just aren’t interested in making an original story anymore with believable characters! The movie industry has gotten so out of hand with sequels, they don’t even care about generating original work anymore.

With a much-touted cast featuring the likes of Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz, Constantine hit the big screen back in 2005 to mixed reviews from critics and audiences criticizing its non-traditional storyline and action sequences but drawing praise for its lead actors’ performances. Ultimately it achieved middling box office numbers despite a rather large budget at $100 million, pocketing roughly $230 million against these initial costs. This relative failure led to plans of a sequel being retracted rather quickly before ultimately never coming to fruition over the past 15 years. Despite the lackluster performance, it’s still possible that the franchise could be rebooted on either the cinematic front or on TV, though with Arrow now gone there are various future plans currently in place including a third film and more.

Keanu Reeves reveals he would like to play Constantine again in a full-length feature film, but it depends on getting the right script, saying:

“I would love to play John Constantine again from the Constantine movie. I’ve tried, I’ve tried, Stephen. I would love to.”

Keanu Reeves

Here is what fans say:

1.This movie is an underrated classic. It’s in my top 10 comic book films of all time. Keanu is a badass as usual. Just wish they’d made a trilogy. I wanted to see more of it.

2. Well there is only one reason why movie makers don’t want to make it, they are thinking that they won’t earn much and fans can only hope for it to happen. In this day and age, it is impossible to find a movie that is made because of the story and it is always about money.

RIP John Constantine.

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