kylie lip kit
Kylie Jenner cosmetics especially her Kylie Lip Kit have been a hot topic in the fashion world since it was announced. Source: Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner cosmetics especially her Kylie Lip Kit have been a hot topic in the fashion world since it was announced.

There are reports that she is making $1 million a month off of her cosmetics line. Her beauty products are flying off the shelves, so there is no doubt that she is doing something right.

She is also the sister of Kim Kardashian.

Anyone who has read a fashion magazine in the last couple of years is very familiar with Kylie Jenner.

What happened to Kylie Cosmetics

When Kylie Cosmetics was founded in 2014 when she was just 17 years old.

She has taken the fashion world by storm and everyone was talking about Kylie Lip Kit, and this put her company at the forefront of the fashion scene till today.

It even crashed the website of Kylie Cosmetics as it was so popular.

By 2019, Forbes reported that Kylie Cosmetics, LLC is worth $900 million, and 51% of the company was sold to Coty, Inc for $600 million in the very same year.

The cosmetics industry is a very competitive one and for a new brand to break into this market is a long and hard process.

Many people have been wondering whether Kylie Jenner cosmetics is worth the money.

Kylie Lip Kit review

Kylie Jenner has just released another range of lip kits. Her previous range which was named after her daughter, Stormi was extremely popular.

The lip kits are the latest craze that is sweeping through all parts of the world.

The range includes 5 different tones of nude lipstick. Jenner has already sold out of her first batch of lip kits within the first day of the release.

But is it all good? Are they worth the hype?

kylie lip kit Google reviews
Kylie Jenner Matte Lip Kit. Screenshot from Google Reviews

According to Google reviews, one of the products Kylie BY Kylie Jenner Matte Lip Kit received a 3.5 star.

Out of 697 reviews, the Kylie Jenner Matte Lip Kit has gotten mostly 5-star ratings according to the screenshot from Google above.

Some of the 4-5 star reviews stated that the product is long-lasting and they were surprised at how well it lasts throughout the day and how moisturizing it was.

But according to a review posted a few months back, there seems to be a change in the formula of the product:

Unfortunately, the latest formula, released with substantial hype, is nothing like the old one. Same packaging, but that’s it. The formula doesn’t dry, smudged, bleeds and for me, is extremely disappointing. I bought two kits, to replace two old ones which are almost finished. And I’m shocked at the difference.”

Final verdict: Give it a try as most of the customers gave positive reviews, there is no perfect product.

The latest Kylie lip kits

Earlier this year, Kylie Cosmetics went through a revamp, Kylie Cosmetics posted on Instagram that a new lineup of Kylie cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics has already generated a huge craze in the market. The products are affordable and are easy to online shopping.

  • 37 lip kits
  • 30 high glosses
  • 32 matte liquid lipsticks
  • 9 lip liners
  • 4 lip blushes

Where to buy Kylie Cosmetics, cant I get Kylie Lip Kit at Boots?

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the most popular brands in the world.

You can find Kylie Cosmetics in almost any shopping mall and there’s a good chance you know someone who owns a Kylie Lip Kit.

If you’re looking to buy a Kylie Lip Kit but you aren’t sure where to buy them, just head down to Boots or purchase them online.

You can find Kylie Cosmetics at as well.

The website was revamped earlier this year and Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram saying:

“as some of you may have noticed my @kyliecosmetics website has been shut down for a little makeover. i started my makeup line when i was just 17 and i felt it was time to elevate and join the VEGAN and CLEAN family 🤍. i’ve been working hard to create the newest innovative formulas for you guys and i’m sooo excited to share with you all soon! stay tuned “

Instagram @KylieJenner

Thanks for reading and we hope we cover every aspect of Kylie’s Lip Kit.

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