Leonardo DiCaprio and Jim Jones
Leonardo DiCaprio will be portraying the titular character of Jim Jones in an upcoming movie. Source: Screengrab from Oscars YouTube and Dark Chronicles YouTube

Oscar-winning actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio is all set to play the titular character of the cult leader Jim Jones in an upcoming movie, where he will also be the producer.

Leonardo DiCaprio will be portraying Jones, the man who orchestrated the tragic mass “killing” in November 1978 in Jonestown, where 900 people died of cyanide poisoning.

Leonardo DiCaprio to produce the movie

BAFTA-nominated writer Scott Rosenberg, more commonly known for his work on the Hollywood movies High Fidelity, Jumanji, and Venom, wrote the script for the film.

The film is based on Jim Jones’ controversial claim of being God, rejecting Christianity, and will be chronicling the man’s founding of the Indianapolis’ People’s Temple.

At the time of writing, the movie has yet to confirm any directors to take charge of the project; although it is confirmed that DiCaprio will be playing the protagonist as well as producing the movie.

Biopic of Jim Jones

The movie will be based in part, on Jim Jones’ founding of the People’s Temple sect in the mid-50s in Indianapolis.

The religious group was initially centered around Christian and socialist ideals, emphasizing the equality of races; but after the ‘cult” moved to Guyana (a place where Jones nicknamed “Jonestown”, US officials who were commencing investigations on the sect were then killed upon their landing.

He then orchestrated a mass “killing” event where about 900 of his followers, including many children, drank Flavor Aid that was mixed with cyanide.

Jones was then found dead at the stage of the central pavilion after the event, with a gunshot wound to his head; his body was seen resting on a pillow near a chair, with a coroner from Guyana saying that it was most likely Jones had killed himself.

Jones’ son Stephan however, is of the belief that his father could have directed someone else to fire the gun at him.

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