The Marines are set to become the military branch with the worst vaccination record among all the branches of the US military. Source: U.S. Marine Corps Facebook

The Marines are set to become the military branch with the worst vaccination record among all the branches of the US military, with thousands of Marines who are on active duty about to miss the Marine Corp’s deadline of November 28 to get fully vaccinated.

The number of fully vaccinated soldiers in the US Marine Corps currently stands at 91%, with the partially vaccinated standing at 94% – in comparison, the Navy has a full-vaccination rate of 96.7%, while the Air Force has 96.4%

Set to miss deadline

Soldiers are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after a single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or two weeks after their second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

Those who have yet to get their shots as of today will effectively miss the deadline – they won’t be able to get fully vaccinated in time to meet the deadline of November 28 set by the US Marine Corps.

Meanwhile, the US Army revealed that 92% of their soldiers on active duty have been fully vaccinated, with their vaccination deadline set on December 15 – The National Guard’s deadline is on June 30 next year.

Marines who are unvaxxed will not have service renewed

Christine Wormuth, the Army Secretary, issued a warning on Tuesday that all personnel who refused to get fully vaccinated will not have their military service renewed, and that includes the National Guard.

Wormuth’s warning appears to be in stark contrast to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, who said that he would not require National Guard soldiers in his state to get their vaccination shots, seemingly defying the federal mandate.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz also joined the anti-vaccine brigade by Tweeting against Wormuth’s warnings: “Biden admin persecuting our soldiers, this is not good for America.

Besides the US military, vaccination has been mandated and made into a requirement by Joe Biden‘s administration for almost all federal employees, contractors as well as health workers; the White House said that vaccination would be required for private employers with a minimum of 100 employees – a ruling that is currently being challenged in court.

As it stands, about 60% of all American citizens have been fully vaccinated.

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