A Mississippi man, David Neal Cox, was executed on Wednesday for murdering his wife and sexually assaulting his 12-year-old daughter. Source: Google Street View and Mississippi Department of Corrections

A Mississippi man, David Neal Cox, was executed on Wednesday, 9 years after his capital murder conviction in 2012 – he had pleaded guilty to murdering his wife and sexually assaulting his daughter, who was 12-years-old at the time.

His execution marks the first death row inmate execution in Mississippi since 2012.

First execution in Mississippi since 2012

According to the Mississippi Department of Corrections (DOC), David Neal Cox was executed via lethal injection, with a mixture of three chemicals being injected into his left arm – midazolam, vecuronium bromide, and potassium chloride.

He was subsequently pronounced dead at 6.12 pm

Mississippi Commissioner of Corrections Burl Cain said in a press release that the death row inmate died “peacefully and without incident”, and that he has never seen an execution go smoother.

“I was a good man at one time”

Cox was given a chance to say his final words, and according to the DOC, he said: “I want to tell my children that I love them very, very much and that I was a good man at one time, and only read the King James Version of the Bible, and I appreciate the Commissioner for being so kind to me. That’s all I got to say.”

He had pleaded guilty back in 2012 to murder, sexual assault as well as other charges; to which he was sentenced to death for the capital murder conviction after requesting a sentencing jury.

Mississippi struggled to obtain drugs for lethal injection

Mississippi initially struggled to obtain the drugs that they needed to perform the execution after the drugs were barred from being used by pharmaceutical companies for lethal injections.

Drugs used in lethal injections were then banned from being exported to the US by European drug manufacturers in 2010, and Pfizer also blocked their products from being used in executions in 2016.

Blamed wife for his incarceration

Cox was separated from his wife in 2009 and he spent 9 months in jail before posting bond when his daughter told her mother that Cox had sexually assaulted her, he then blamed his wife for his incarceration and stated that he would kill her once he was released.

His wife and her children then moved in with her sister – Cox then shot his way into the house after being released on bond and shot his wife, letting her bleed to death as she begged for help.

He then sexually assaulted his 12-year-old daughter thrice in front of her – Cox was then taken into custody by a SWAT team just before 3.30 am.

In other news, five inmates broke out of a Georgia county jail – two of them have been recaptured with the other three still remaining at large.

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