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Sony pictures have been going all out in promoting an upcoming film Morbius which is coming in January 2022. Source: Sony Pictures

Sony pictures have been going all out in promoting an upcoming film Morbius which is coming in January 2022.

Morbius is based on a Marvel comic character and the character is also known as The Living Vampire. The main character Michael Morbius is a character that is suffering from rare blood diseases and he seeks to cure himself but ended up becoming a vampire.

Michael Morbius is played by Jared Leto who is famous for his role in the 2016 hit film Suicide Squad as Joker.

The trailer dropped a week ago and here is what we know

In the beginning scenes of the movie, a man asked Morbius if he is ok and Morbius stated that he is a doctor.

He pushed for a cure to not only save himself but other people from around the world who are suffering the same problem as him. “To find a cure, we have to push through boundaries, take the risk,” said Morbius.

The scene later continued with him missing but found 2 months later on a container floating along long-island.

He was seen dressed in an orange jumpsuit and placed under interrogation.

A man struggling with his new powers

He slowly discovered his new abilities such as increased strength and speed and he questioned what else he can do before a scene of him flying was shown.

His face changed to another form similar to a bat and he states that he has an urge to consume blood. An accident happened after he lost control and people got hurt.

He was soon hunted by both the authorities and people who want to make use of him.

In a scene by famous Fast and Furious actor, Tyrese Gibson said “You saved lives, you don’t take them”.

The movie will be about Morbius struggling to control his newfound powers and facing threats from both criminals and the authorities.

In the final scenes of the trailer, Morbius was seen defending himself from an armed man and he told the man that he is Venom as a joke.

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