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Mr Beast posted his version of the Squid Games on Youtube earlier today, with 456 contestants which is the same as the Netflix Squid Game. Credits: Youtube @ Mr Beast

Mr Beast posted his 25 min version of the Squid Games on Youtube earlier today, the game featured 456 contestants which matches the exact number from the Netflix series.

Mr Beast said that the production was not cheap and he was lucky that his sponsors gave him $3.5 million to make this video.

1st Squid Game – Red Light, Green Light

The game featured the Green Light, Red Light game as per the Netflix series, with the first game eliminating about half of the contestants with 232 contestants left.

Mr Beast interviewed one of the contestants who did not even watch Squid Game. Come on!

2nd Game – Needle and Honeycomb

The contestants were then told to queue up at 4 questions marks, only to be revealed after everyone had made their choice.

Unlike the Korean Netflix series, the contestants knew what shapes they were queueing at.

They are each assigned a honeycomb with the shapes they have chosen and a needle.

The video even featured two of the contestants who successfully cut out the shape of the umbrella.

142 survived the second round.

He then offered the contestants who are willing to walk out to receive $4,000 each.

3rd Game – Tug of War

With 140 players remaining, they were told to split up into teams of 10.

Some of the teams even said “No girls allowed” as they knew the next game was about brawn and not brains.

The game wiped out another 5 teams, with 70 people remaining.

4th Game – Marble Games

In the 4th game, Mr Beast Squid’s game was different and he assigned them into 35 pairs who have social connections to.

He said that the Mr Beast team has been monitoring those who had interaction and forces them to fight against each other.

The contestants were allowed to have their own rendition of marble games.

Wiping out half the contestants again to 35 people.

5th Game – Ddaji (Card flipping game)

The first 16 people who managed to flip the red paper square would make it into the next round.

Surprisingly contestant number 456 managed to pull it off and made it into the next round, but Mr. Beast ensure that there was no rigging.

6th Game – Glass Bridge

Just like the show, the remaining 16 contestants were given a choice to pick 16 mannequins.

On the mannequins, a number is hidden, which decides who walks on the glass bridge first.

Just like Netflix’s Squid Game, the contestants started forcing each other to move ahead or risk losing it all.

The game wiped out another 10 players with 6 remaining.

7th Game – Squid Game? Nope, they played musical chairs

As Mr Beast predicted that no one would know how to play, the Korean children’s game Squid Game. He picked musical chairs.

Contestant 456 was wiped out after he accidentally sit on the chair before the music stopped.

Mr Beast said: “All right, now you can’t say this is scripted“.

Conclusion – Mr Beast Squid Game

If you haven’t watched Squid Games on Netflix, you should watch it. It is less light-hearted than Mr Beast’s Squid Game and will make your heart pound in every second of the show.

We won’t reveal who won the game, watch the video in the section below:

Hope you’re happy with our cover of our Mr. Beast Squid Game, you can check out our coverage on the upcoming Netflix series in this link.

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