Batman’s website has new interactive content for fans of the comic book series. Fans are able to use the site to solve riddles that fans of The Riddler movie character might enjoy! Paul Dano plays Edward Nashton, a serial killer who targets Gotham’s elite and is known as The Riddler in this upcoming feature film based on one of America’s favorite comic books. This DC Comics adaptation also stars Robert Pattinson as the title policer, Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright as Lieutenant James Gordon, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, and Colin Farrell in a villainous role in this film where he portrays The Penguin.

The Batman franchise is the next movie in DC’s lineup. The original director was Ben Affleck, but Reeves was hired to take over after Affleck dropped out of the picture. In an interview published today by Variety, Reeves opened up about Scarlett Johansson’s casting and her role in the film saying that “She plays a character who is pivotal to this story…We start the movie on a very idealistic note, with young Bruce deciding he’s going to become Batman. And then meets her…so that guides us into our adult Bruce Wayne and his relationship with Alfred, with Commissioner Gordon, all those things come about because of this other character in the present day world.”

The Batman website can be found here.

It comes with three questions that are so simple a five-year-old could solve it. We were expecting a new trailer after answering all three questions but it was just baloney

Here are the answers to the puzzle in case you have a mind of a 3-year-old

“What’s black and blue and dead all over?” – Batman

“I can be easy or a dead end. Careful when you cross me.” – Street

“Those who make me are likely to break me.” – Laws

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