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North Korea – A man was sentenced to death by the North Korean authorities after he was found smuggling Squid Game into the country. Credits: Netflix

A man was sentenced to death by the North Korean authorities after he was found smuggling copies of the Squid Game into the country.

LadBible reported that a man was caught after the authorities discovered that a group of students was found watching the series.

Reports indicated that the man smuggled the viral Netflix series through China and the Squid Game videos were stored in a USB thumb drive before it was sold to a North Korean student for a profit.

The footage was eventually shared among the student’s friends which did not bode well with North Korea’s reclusive culture.

The smuggler was quickly sentenced to death by a firing squad after the North Korean government received a tip-off about the unauthorized content.

What happened to the students?

The student who bought and distributed the Squid Game footage was sentenced to life imprisonment.

While his friends who watched the content received severe punishments and were sentenced to 5 years into hard labor.

In North Korea, hard labor punishments typically mean they will be sent to coal mines in the country.

The North Korean authorities are also holding relevant staffs member of the school accountable and they will be punished as well. This includes the teachers, staff members, and the school’s principal.

Strict law in North Korea

The communist state is often known for its extreme countermeasures on foreign influence and this is the first time the country has executed its enforcement actions on minors.

The single incident resulted in multiple people getting implicated and teachers around the country are worried that they might fall victim to the same scenario if their students were caught.

Contents of Netflix series Squid Games

One of the actresses in the film HoYeon Jung is portrayed as a North Korean citizen who successfully defected to the South with her younger brother and she was invited to be a part of the Squid Game.

In the series, she is often heard trying to get as much money as she can to give her brother a good life.

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