robbery in oakland
Just days after the Louis Vuitton heist in Chicago, a similar crime has since taken place at Oakland. The crime was captured on camera.

Just days after the Louis Vuitton heist in Chicago, a similar crime has since taken place at Oakland.

A large group of people was seen rushing their way into Wellspring Pharmacy and grabbing whatever they want.

Fox News reported that the incident happened on Saturday (Nov 20) at about 7.40 PM.

The whole incident was captured on camera, with approximately 20-30 people wearing hoodies and rushing into the store and taking off in less than 2 minutes.

The group of people was seen making a mess in the store and sticking their hands into the shelves and drawers before fleeing the scene.

Chief LeRonne Armstrong said in a press release addressing the media that “at least two dozens businesses were impacted, vehicles targetting cannabis, retail shops, pharmacies throughout the city of Oakland”

This city has to deal with overwhelming violence in this community over the weekend and it’s unacceptable! It is unacceptable for our residents, it’s unacceptable for our visitors, nobody have to live through this,” added Armstrong (Oakland Police)

The Oakland Police Department said that investigations are ongoing.

Not isolated incident

Just over the weekend, other stores ranging from department, cannabis dispensaries, and jewelry stores were targeted as well.

The cannabis dispensaries robbery resulted in a number of gunfire exchanges.

An Oakland resident spoke to and said that he was not surprised that a pharmacy was robbed, compared to a bank there is much lesser security.

With the high price tags of health care in the country, robbers would definitely target pharmacies as they could make a hefty profit in the black market.

With Black Friday around the corner, many stores are packed with goods to prepare for the seasonal shoppers in this period.

Many netizens doubt we are seeing the last of them.

Here is the footage:

A video of the incident has since been shared but the pharmacy owner.

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