utah police officer shot in utah
Police officer shot in Utah, South Jordan Credits: Google Maps

Utah, South Jordan – A Police officer shot was shot in Uta, South Jordan, and both the suspect and the police officer are hospitalized.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the incident happened on Friday night, at about 8 PM, South Jordan police officers were conducting follow-up investigations in a case of vehicle theft at Tarali Court.

The suspect’s family open the door to let police officers come in and the suspect started shooting the officers in the basement of the home.

The police officer was shot in the leg and the Police returned fire landing multiple shots on the man.

Many officers were seen in the area after responding to the shootout.

Both the Police officer and the suspect are recovering in the hospital.

The shooting triggered a number of actions which included the temporary closure of the main road in the area.

The authorities have not released the identity of the suspect.

Manhunt in Atlanta, gunshot at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Police investigations are ongoing.

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