Rihanna announces that new music
Rihanna announces that new music is coming “soon soon soon”, when asked about when she will be dropping her ninth album. Credits: Rihanna on Facebook, Roy Nachum via Roc Nation

Rihanna announces that new music is coming soon, as she told the paparazzi “soon soon soon” when asked about when she will be dropping her ninth studio album to follow up her 2016 album, Anti.

Rihanna announces that new music is coming “soon soon soon”

Rihanna was seen in a video alighting from a car and accompanied by another man who appeared to be her minder/bodyguard when the paparazzi asked her: “Any new music? Anything?” To which Rihanna replied: “Soon soon soon!” The photographer then remarked: “Soon? That’s what I’m talking about Ri!”

She previously spoke to the Associated Press back in September that with regards to her new music, she described it as being completely different from her previous works and told fans to expect a completely different sound. Rihanna said: “You’re not gonna expect what you hear, let’s just put that in mind.” She added that she is “really experimenting and music is like fashion, I should be able to wear whatever I want and I treat music the same way.”

Her last album was Anti, which was released in 2016 and she has been silent on the music front ever since, choosing to focus on her Fenty beauty line instead, in the years that followed.

Busy being a national hero

Rihanna has also been busy on other fronts, such as being honored as a national hero – She was honored and declared a National Hero of Barbados by Barbadian prime minister Mia Mottley, as the country completed its transition into an independent republic after removing Queen Elizabeth as their head of state.

At the moment, all fans can do is wait patiently with bated breaths for Riri to finish working on her album with whatever little time she has from her tightly packed schedule and hope that it comes out soon.

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