Ryan Reynolds steals the show
Ryan Reynolds steals the show once again in the blooper reels for the movie Red Notice that was released by Netflix. Source: Screengrab from Red Notice Bloopers, Netflix

Ryan Reynolds steals the show once again in the blooper reels for the movie Red Notice that was released by Netflix, with the Deadpool actor showing off his myriad of sarcastic jokes.

Ryan Reynolds steals the show

Among the many bloopers include a scene where Ryan Reynolds finally finds the coveted Cleopatra egg but inexplicably drops in clumsily, paving the bloopers reel for 3 minutes and 28 seconds of goofiness among the stars.

The bloopers also include Dwayne Johnson failing to hold his laughter during a scene with Reynolds, announcing to the film crew that he was going to “get it right”.

Gal Gadot also burst into laughter in a scene with Reynolds, with the latter jokingly calling her a f—–g a——e after she failed to deliver her lines and started slapping herself.

The entire bloopers reel promises plenty of laughter, we can attest to that.

Biggest opening on Netflix

Despite a poor theatrical run in cinemas that saw the movie competing with Marvel’s Eternals in theatres and making about $2 million against their reported budget of $250 million, Red Notice opened to the biggest opening that Netflix has ever seen on its streaming service – garnering over 148 million hours of viewing time as of November 19.

The movie was originally planned to be released with Universal before Netflix acquired the movie for quite a hefty sum.

The movie sees art thief Nolan Booth (portrayed by Reynolds) on a mission to become the number one art thief in the world by stealing the rare and valuable Cleopatra eggs.

He is joined by FBI profiler John Hartley (portrayed by Dwayne Johnson) who gets framed for stealing one of the eggs and the actual number one art thief Sarah Black, or The Bishop (portrayed by Gal Gadot) with her eyes on the valuable eggs as well.

The movie is rumored to have a couple of sequels planned, with director Rawson Marshall Thurber expressing his optimism at the possible sequels.

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