Scream actress almost
Scream actress almost got stabbed for real – Melissa Barrera shared that she was almost stabbed for real on the set of Scream. Credits: Paramount Pictures

Scream actress almost got stabbed for real – Scream actress Melissa Barrera shared that she was almost stabbed for real on set while filming her scene with Ghostface for the movie.

Scream actress almost stabbed

Speaking during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Melissa Barrera shared what it was like filming the Scream movie and shed some light on what it was like for her, reading the movie script for the first time. She also revealed how she was almost stabbed for real while filming her hospital scene with Ghostface at the beginning of the movie.

So we were doing a part of that sequence where I was on one side of a round table and he was on the other, doing stabs across the table to try and reach me.

Well, during one of those stabs, the knife flew out of his hand and hit the window right behind me. And it was a real knife! And everyone got so freaked out.

Luckily, it went a little off to the side, away from me. But from then on, they had to glue the knife to the glove so that it didn’t happen anymore. 

But poor Keith [Ward], our stunt guy, was mortified. I felt so bad for him. I was like, “I’m fine!” And they were like, “Yeah, but it could’ve gone really, really wrong. Imagine if you would’ve gotten stabbed with a flying knife!”

So that was my first experience with Ghostface.

Melissa Barrera

Barrera also revealed how she performed all of her own stunts and fight choreography, with the production crew being hesitant at first, and she ended up with an injured wrist after falling about 50 times while shooting a scene where her character struggles with Ghostface. However, she went to commend the directors for creating an incredible environment to shoot the movie.

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