Shang Chi
When it comes to visual representation and unique creatures and worlds, Weta is unparalleled. The VFX team does excellent work in Shang Chi / Image Credits: MCU

When it comes to visual representation and unique creatures and worlds, Weta is unparalleled. The VFX team does excellent work in Shang Chi, even if the production is quite limited in terms of its funding. It’s not an easy job, but one that deserves recognition for the amount of effort that goes into these characters and their stories. And despite having a narrative that mostly stayed put, Cretton and her team still did well to connect this film to the grander MCU via familiar faces including Mark Ruffalo’s Banner who looked drastically different than the last time he was on screen.

After Bruce Banner’s Hulk refuse to fight Thanos, Hulk failed to appear in the rest of the film. After his embarrassment in single combat with Thanos at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, the Hulk opted to remain out of sight for the rest of the movie. So using this as his shield, Smart Hulk actually decided to come out of hiding during Avengers: Endgame despite hearing that the Titan wanted to put an end to him. While it was a surprise to fans, it’s no surprise given that he’s been able to achieve this form but has only shown it a couple of times in the past, such as when fighting Adam Warlock in one of The Infinity Guantlet limited series comics. He needs a bigger challenge than just being gigantic and unhinged so he’s now taken on more responsibilities and has more control over how he behaves so we’re willing to bet that this is going to be permanent! Plus, everyone was probably too busy trying to worry about what was going on with Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange!

In an interview with , Weta VFX supervisor Sean Walker described the complex digital process that went into making this scene such a visual masterpiece. This is because Banners lab was one of the locations used during filming, and his enormous CGI green rage monster was actually created by Weta specifically for this sequence. If you notice Bruce Banner did not appeared in his smart hulk form meaning he might have lost his powers or hulk has separated from him. In the comic series, Bruce Banner was separated from the Hulk numerous times (at least 13 times in the comic books).

Fans have been wondering could this be the sign that Dr Doom will soon make his appearance in MCU?

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