Spiderman No Way Home
More leaks on the highly anticipated movie Spiderman No Way Home has been circulating on social media. Source: Sony Pictures

More leaks on the highly anticipated movie Spiderman No Way Home has been circulating on social media.

A photo known as the final scene with all 3 Spidermans without wearing their mask was leaked by Instagram user John Campea.

This is the 2nd time alleged photos of the movie were leaked.

The scene appears to take place at the platforms of a harbor with Tom Holland (Left), Tobey Mcguire (Center), and Andrew Garfield (Right).

A second photo featuring Happy Hogan (Harold Joseph), Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) was also shared. The photo had a photo of a woman back facing the camera believing to be MJ (Zendaya).

Here are the photos of that are leaked on Instagram

Andrew Garfield speaks out

In an interview conducted by Extra TV, when the topic of Spiderman No Way Home was brought up…

Andrew Garfield Spiderman No Way Home

Garfield gave this expression and said

“Wait, What?”

There could only be two reasons why he is giving this expression: According to psychology studies when a man does not know what to say or is caught off guard with a lie/secret a man would often hide his facial expressions with laughter.

But at the same time, Garfield could be laughing after the numerous people that have asked him the same question.

In the interview, ExtraTV reporter asked Garfield “It seems that there are 3 generations of Spiderman coming to the screen”.

Garfield was told to blink once if he will be appearing in the movie and shake his head if not. Garfield started to praise the version of Tom Holland’s Spiderman, he said that he enjoys this version of the movie. But at the same time, he did not admit or deny the question.

Silence is consent?

2nd Spiderman No Way Home 2nd trailer coming soon

Sony made an announcement that an event is coming and fans are anticipating a new trailer will be available soon and it’s going to be shocking (probably shocking in a good way).

The event will be held on November 16, 5 PM Pacific Time at Regal Sherman Oaks.

It is believed that the new trailer will be dropped and it seems that there is a very limited number of seats available for this event.

We will update you once the new trailer is available.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 2 coming in 12 hours

Update: The new trailer is here.

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