Taylor Lautner Engaged
Taylor Lautner seen getting down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend of 3 years, Tay Dome. Source: Instagram @taylorlautner

Former Twilight actor Taylor Lautner, who played Jacob Black in the hugely successful Twilight movie series, took to Instagram to announce his engagement to his girlfriend Tay Dome.

The couple, perhaps uncoincidentally, chose to get engaged on 11 November (ie. 11/11) because it is considered by many to be an auspicious and lucky date; Plus, there’s no chance Lautner is going to forget his future wedding anniversaries and risk the ire of his future wife.

Taylor Lautner pops the question

In his Instagram post, Taylor Lautner could be seen bending down on one knee and holding on to a ring, with Dome covering her mouth in disbelief as the duo were encapsulated by candles and probably a few hundred roses surrounding them.

The fact that the marriage proposal was taking place in front of a fireplace added to the vibes of romanticism, with Dome saying yes (well, duh).

Lautner captioned his Instagram post, saying: “And just like that, all of my wishes came true”, with many well-wishers offering their congratulations to the newly engaged couple in the comments.

Twilight co-star Nikki Reed, who played the vampire Rosalie who hated Lautner’s werewolf character Jacob Black’s “dog smell” in the movies, commented: “Oh my goodness! This makes me want to cry! Wow! Congrats to you both! (insert crying emoji)”

Seem like everyone is getting married

Former Twilight alumni Kristen Stewart, who played the main character Bella Swan in the movie series, also recently got hitched herself; she confirmed her engagement to girlfriend Dylan Meyer on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Nikki Reed herself got married to Vampire Diaries’ star Ian Somerhalder, who played the smoldering and generally badly-behaved vampire Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries TV series.

Her co-star Kellan Lutz, who played her hulking romantic partner Emmett in the Twilight movie series, is also married as well and he even has a daughter now.

I guess now we’re waiting to see when Robert Pattinson (or Edward Cullen to the die-hard Twilight fans) ties the knot.

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