Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift portraying the grown up version of Sadie Sink’s character during a book-reading scene. Source: Screengrab from All Too Well.

Popstar Taylor Swift just released a short film, a 15-minute re-release of her song All Too Well from her 2012 album, Red.

The song has gained cult status in pop culture, despite only peaking at 80th place on the Billboard Top 100 charts back in 2012, with fans calling it a masterpiece with Taylor Swift at the top of her game; fans consistently ranked it as their number one favourite Swift song.

And now nearly 10 years later, the song has made a comeback onto mainstream media and getting the “hit single” status that was not accorded to it the first time around.

Taylor Swift directed entire short film

The song comes in the form of a short film called All Too Well, with Swift directing the entire endeavor; culminating in a cinematic masterpiece with an entire universe crafted and centered around it.

The film stars Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, and is split into 7 chapters, namely:

  • An Upstate Escape
  • The First Cracks In The Glass
  • Are You Real?
  • The Breaking Point
  • The Reeling
  • The Remembering
  • Thirteen Years Gone

Each chapter chronicles a formative period in the fictitious relationship (inspired by true experiences of course) between the two lead actors, as the singer also made a cameo in her own work as the grown-up version of Sink’s character, where she appears during a book-reading scene as O’Brien’s character watches her from afar.

Film premiere

Swift held a premiere for the short film at the AMC Lincoln Square 13 (which uncoincidentally is her favorite number) in New York with a few journalists and select fans present.

The screening of the short film then culminated in Swift performing a 10-minute live rendition of the song while playing a red guitar.

I think it is safe to say that Taylor Swift’s music talent transcends boundaries, but did you know that she is fluent in 4 types of instruments? Swift is a master at the guitar (of course) as well as the banjo, ukulele, and piano.

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