The Social Network
Jesse Eisenberg’s character, Mark Zuckerberg, having a confrontation with Andrew Garfield’s character Eduardo Saverin in a scene from the The Social Network. Source: Screengrab from The Social Network

Oscar and Emmy-winning writer Aaron Sorkin believes that a sequel to the famous biographical film The Social Network in 2010, which was about the beginnings of Facebook, could possibly come to fruition.

The award-winning writer has a glittering career, with his CV including works such as Moneyball, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Molly’s Game, and The Social Network; which starred Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg in their breakout role, playing Facebook co-founders Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg respectively.

Sorkin even won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on the movie.

The Social Network 2

He teased the possibility of a sequel to The Social Network, which he had a hand in writing; explaining that with the recent events surrounding Facebook’s transition (or evolution, if you will) into Meta, with a shifted focus on the creation and development of the “Meta-verse“.

Sorkin said that he is hopeful that a sequel to the original movie can be made, outlining his desire to be on board the project if David Fincher, the director for the original movie, agrees to helm the project.

Sorkin himself has taken on the role of director for his last three movie projects but maintains that he has always been a writer and wishes to continue working with directors on his scripts.

“I am not done wanting to work with great directors, and Fincher would certainly be on the top of that list…

I think what has been going on with Facebook these last few years is a story very much worth telling, and there is a way to tell it as a follow up to The Social Network, and that’s as much as I know.”

Evolution of Facebook

The original movie emphasized the inception of the initial idea of Facebook and how that little seed grew into a tree, as well as chronicling the drama, struggles, and eventual falling out between the main characters.

Since becoming one of the biggest social media platforms (if not THE biggest) in the world, as well as becoming a global company; Facebook has been hit with controversy after controversy throughout the years.

Zuckerberg recently took to testifying before Congress, addressing some of the previous scandals and speaking about the decisions that led up to them.

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