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SpiderMan: No Way Home starring Tom Holland as the web-slinger is one of the most anticipated releases in the MCU. Tom Holland has always been known to be the master of spoilers and often leaked information or content on the internet, fellow cast such as Benedict Cumberbatch has always been stopping Holland from revealing too much information on Interviews.

The above photo was posted by Tom Holland a week ago on Instagram, captioned: “Absolutely no cgi in this picture. Method acting at its finest. “

Spiderman leaked photos

While Spiderman’s plot has been under wraps a new leaked photo gave a first glimpse at an unexpected Marvel character.

The latest leak from the SpiderMan: No Way Home set, gives a clear look at Doctor Strange played by Benedict in New York City! An earlier leak has given us just enough information to be excited about the film. We don’t know where the scene was filmed or when it will take place. All we know is that it’s in the same time period as the Disney+ show, Hawkeye.

Here is the footage of Tom Holland spoiling everything:

Here is a video of Tom Holland revealing spoilers in Marvel Movies. Holland can never seem to be able to keep his mouth shut and a fan actually created a video of him spoiling the fans. The video gathered over 5 million views on Youtube and many fans were laughing at Hollands behavior.

The 13 min video shows Tom Holland spoiled the movie more than 10 times on many different occasions.

Release Date:

The movie was supposed to be released on 16 July 2021 but the movie was delayed and it will be coming about a week before Christmas on 16 December 2021 globally.

The next question is will the old Spiderman reappear in this film? Check this article for the details.

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