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John F Kennedy and Donald Trump during their terms as the President of the United States. Source: Unsplash

Over the years and throughout the illustrious history of the United States, the topic of the Top 10 Presidents of the United States has been discussed fervently by many.

We have seen great presidents take to the Oval Office and a few not-so-great ones (I’m looking at you, Donald Trump).

Here are our picks for the top 101 greatest presidents the United States has ever seen.

Number 10 – James Garfield

Starting off the list of our picks for the Top 10 Presidents of the United States; we have James Garfield, who was one of our smartest Presidents in history; by many accounts, he was very intelligent he was a self-made man.

When he was young, he lost his father, worked to pay for his education, and eventually became a businessman, a professor, and later a politician.

He was a representative and also a successful military leader for the Union in the Civil War.

During his term as president, he appointed many African Americans to post in his administration, which was unheard of at the time; but he didn’t last long in office as president because he was assassinated shortly after getting into office

He made a name for himself fighting cronyism, fighting the political machines and Washington DC, and just fighting corruption in general.

Number 9 – James Madison

James Madison was the father of the Constitution and he pretty much wrote the Constitution; the Bill of Rights mostly.

He also was a great leader doing an amazing job leading the charge to defend against the British invading the homeland during the 1812 war; he was also the author of The Federalist Papers and was one of the leading voices of the Constitutional Convention

Number 8 – John F Kennedy

His leadership during the Cuban Missile Crisis was amazing; he did well and had learned from past mistakes, he had found a way to ease relations with the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.

He created the Peace Corps, the Equal Pay Act, and even though it was controversial, he moved civil rights legislation forward.

Plus he just gave really good inspiring speeches. (ie. His Moon Speech at the Rice Stadium alone could’ve placed him higher on our list of Top 10 Presidents, but I digress.)

Number 7 – Harry Truman

Perhaps his decision to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a little overboard, and the Truman Doctrine was all about us beginning to police the world and get up in everybody’s business.

However, he was just a great leader who really considered all sides to issues and tried to do what was best for the majority; he didn’t always get it right but he certainly did whatever he could to make sure that every voice was heard.

Number 6 – Theodore Roosevelt

He was this “larger-than-life” figure that just seemed to be able to do anything, and he was somebody who fought for the common man.

He set new precedents for the role of President, stopping strikes and pushing for national parks in his conservation efforts, bypassing political parties and institutions, and going straight to the people and straight to the media.

He loved the press and he was the first to have the press in the White House.

Number 5 – Dwight D Eisenhower

Another World War Two hero, he was a phenomenal leader that helped the Allies get victory in that war and no one can deny the importance of his leadership for the Allied Victory in Operation Overlord and the capture of Germany.

Later he was the supreme commander of NATO and a big reason why the Korean war ended and was also responsible for the interstate highway system and NASA, as well as appointing Earl Warren as chief justice for the Supreme Court.

He saw the importance of social programs and also saw the importance of a limited government protecting liberty.

Number 4 – Thomas Jefferson

The father of civil liberties, he was a genius and the main author of the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom.

His passionate support for the Bill of Rights was rousing and he popularized many of the ideas in the Bill of Rights; Jefferson’s views were always evolving and he’s what we call a “renaissance man”, was trying to better himself and learn new things

He saw the good in common people and promoted democratic ideals when most of the elites did not.

Number 3 – Calvin Coolidge

The least egotistical of all the presidents, he did not have an ego and was the least political of all the presidents.

He was extremely modest although he’s kind of gotten a bad reputation for it.

One of his most famous quotes: “perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my Administration has been minding my own business”; while the president doesn’t create jobs and isn’t responsible for the entire economy, the economy did happen to do very well under his watch.

More importantly despite that, at the same time; he shrank the national budget and shrank the national debt while simultaneously somehow figuring out a way to cut taxes.

He was a fiscal conservative but a social progressive; outspoken for women’s rights and fighting corruption; he had a humble foreign policy and anti-crony capitalism.

He used common sense and spoke honestly, never sugarcoating anything.

Number 2 – Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland started out as a teacher and he was a classic liberal who believed in limited government, which explains the majority of his vetoes.

He had more vetoes than any other president and had a humble foreign policy, being an anti-interventionist and was a big proponent of free trade.

he was anti-crony capitalist, probably more than any other president and he fought the government-corporate monopoly of the railroads and before he became president, he made a career out of fighting corruption and fighting the political machines of the day.

Grover was a man of integrity with a strong moral compass, putting aside his own selfish desires always for the greater good.

Number 1 – George Washington

And now we have finally come to the top of the list of the Top 10 Presidents of the United States.

George Washington was the first president who set all precedents and set the bar very high for all future presidents.

Before he was president, he was a military hero in the French and Indian War, and the Revolutionary War; he probably single-handedly is the person most responsible for the United States becoming a country against great odds and against the most powerful military in the world.

He was confident but humble; he never wanted to be president and was kind of forced into that position, where he limited his own power and unwillingly took that position; when everybody wanted him to be king he said no.

He was president of the constitutional convention when the constitution was made and he was against political parties, warning against them and also against foreign entanglements and permanent alliances.

His leadership ended the Whiskey Rebellion, being out there personally leading the troops on a horse.

George Washington was just an amazing leader respected by all who unified all Americans and I can’t imagine another president having as much impact as George Washington.

And with that, George Washington makes it to the top of our Top 10 Presidents of the United States.

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