The pandemic may have everyone staying away from movie theaters but Netflix reportedly contributed 140.5 million dollars to the actors in this top 10 richest Hollywood celebrities list. Credits: Unsplash

The pandemic may have everyone staying away from movie theaters but Netflix reportedly contributed 140.5 million dollars to the actors in this top 10 richest Hollywood celebrities list.

There’s still plenty of money to go around Apple TV plus and Amazon is also adding their voices and checkbooks to the fray.

Hollywood top 10

Number 10 – Jackie Chan, 40 million dollars

Despite turning 66 this year he shows no signs of slowing down or abandoning the martial arts genre not only is he definitely not retired but with a net worth of 370 million dollars, Chan doesn’t exactly need to make more films he just likes doing it.

2020 is a good year for the actor as well as his bank account but he worked for every stunt.

In 2019 the martial arts Pro it’s not only involved with several film projects including the journey to China the climbers and two other films.

We still have so much to expect from this actor including the Shanghai Dawn actor alongside Owen Wilson and Rush Hour 4 with Chris Tucker among others all we need now is some release dates we look forward to. 

Number 9 – Adam Sandler, 41 million dollars

Coming in a little above our favorite Kung Fu Master is funnyman Adam Sandler.

Despite his earnings taking a bit of a dive over the last few years from 240 million dollars two decades ago.

It may be because he’s no longer churning out multiple films a year.

Although it’s not like he needs to with a net worth of 420 million dollars let’s just say he doesn’t exactly need to worry about his retirement.

In fact, Sandler only acted in two films in 2019 the first was uncut gems which earned him the bulk of his income even though it didn’t manage to get him an Academy Award.

The second was the Netflix rom-com murder mystery in which he played alongside Jennifer Aniston and if the viewership stats are anything to judge by it was a huge hit getting nearly 31 million views in just 3 days.

But its future is still looking golden and it’s all thanks to Netflix.

In 2014, Sandler sign a 4 film deal with the streaming service with a staggering $250 million dollars which was renewed in January 2020.

So what’s next for the comedian? His Netflix projects include Hubie Halloween which looks both sweet and hilarious as well as Hotel Transylvania 4 

Number 8 – Will Smith, 44.5 million dollars

There was once a time when Will Smith was so well-paid he featured in South Park jokes.

I know he’s no longer among even the top five highest-grossing actors he shows no signs of giving up a spot on this illustrious list.

Even if he’s changing how he makes his cash part of Smith’s 44 million-dollar earnings came from ad revenue from its social media accounts and specifically Instagram and YouTube and the rest comes from his acting roles.

We’re all so eagerly waiting for Bright 2,  after the success of this year’s bad boys for life. Smith will also be involved in The Council as a 1970s gang boss and emancipation in which he will play a slave in the 1800s.

With so many new offerings in Smith’s 2021 earnings, we will see him higher up on the list it’s no wonder his net worth is an impressive 350 million dollars.

Number 7 – Lin-Manuel Miranda, 45.5 million dollars

Miranda is enjoying the Whirlwind success as Hamilton from, clinching a movie deal with Disney plus to a global tour. the play took Maranda from a cute lyricist to an international star. 

Miranda schedule is so chock-full of work for wondering when he has time to sleep apart from the upcoming movie adaptations of his musicals in the Heights in Tick Tick Boom,

Which at both sadly been postponed due to the pandemic Miranda is working on several kids projects.

Not only will he be responsible for the music for live-action Little Mermaid, but he is also working on a Disney film called Encanto.

It’s about a magical family and he’ll be working as executive producer for the screen adaptations of Patrick Rothfuss’s fantasy book series The King Killer Chronicles.

If you’re wondering why he’s suddenly so enamored with kid’s projects it’s because he’s inspired by his own children.

The composer told GQ “and now I have kids who love you know animated movies and musicals and I’m riding for them”.

But he’s not just focusing on the youth admitted to GQ that he’s also working on at Hamilton’s sequel and the first three songs are already written.

Number 6 – Akshay Kumar, 48.5 million dollars

The only Bollywood actor on our list is also one of only three Bollywood actors to make the Forbes list of the world’s 100 richest people, with a net worth of 273 million dollars.

He is definitely living the good life he’s probably an insomniac 2 as he has an almost unbelievable number of projects that have contributed to his fortune.

Apart from five films due this year from August, that’s more than once a month for the rest of the year.

He has three confirmed films plan for both next year and 2022 and has endorsement deals for a variety of projects.

Amazon will be paying him a hefty 10 million dollars to be a part of their new show called The End.

Number 5 – Vin Diesel, 54 million dollars

This guy seems to be in a comfort zone as most of his fortune comes from franchise rolls but then again considering he’s the one with 54 million dollars it’s been a very smart business move.

Apart from being in Fast & Furious 9 producing the animated Netflix series Fast and Furious spy Racers.

Set to star in Fast & Furious 10 and that’s a lot of car movies for a guy going by Mr. Diesel.

Surprisingly this latest installment is apparently the final one. But we will expect more Hollywood action from him.

We can also expect to see him painted blue and immersed in the fantasy genre and Avatar 2 though its not confirm.

Before he dies back in the car chases and drama and Triple X 4, the actor is also set to appear in Furia another installment in The Chronicles of Riddick Universe.

At least with so many projects, this actor is earning every cent of his paycheck.

Number 4 – Ben Afleck, 55 million dollars 

Though the actor and producer took a little time off acting in 2019 to spend his millions.

This year Afleckc release the way back and when she plays an emotionally damaged alcoholic basketball coach.

Of course, the film was released just before the pandemic so its box office takings weren’t as great as expected but critics have praised Aleck’s performance.

But he has other projects lined up to his already impressive bank account, these include Zack Snyder’s Justice League and which not only stars but produces, as a period piece with Matt Damon called The Last Suel, set in the medieval times of the nights.

He also has a ton of writing and producing projects on the go which currently have no release dates so we’re in for a future filled with Ben Affleck.

Number 3 – Mark Wahlberg, 58 million dollars

If you’re in the top three highest-paid Hollywood leading then it’s safe to say that you’re probably doing something right.

It seems that Wahlberg is a man of quality over quantity, as he seems to have chosen a few big income projects in Hollywood.

Wahlberg’s role in Spencer Confidential is Netflix’s third most-watched original film of all time with 85 million views in six weeks.

He’s also the producer for the documentary series Mcmillion’s and Wall Street have seen him laughing all the way to the bank

Wahlberg is also going to be in a few dramas and thrillers as well as a 3D animation of Scooby-Doo.

Which we have no doubt will be adorable, we can’t wait.

Number 2 – Ryan Reynolds, 71.5 million dollars

What’s a guy like Wahlberg got to do to move up in this list earn another 12 million dollars.

Ryan Reynolds can thank Netflix for the bulk of his salary and his spot on this list.

As this year’s Red Notice and 6 Underground 20 million dollars each and that’s just the beginning.

Reynolds also appears in the Sci-Fi comedy Free Guy, about a bank teller stuck in a video game and he’s preparing his voice for The Croods too.

In addition the actor will be starring in the hitman’s wife’s bodyguard alongside Samuel L Jackson as well as in Clue, a film based on the popular board game.

He’s working with Apple TV Plus for A Christmas Carol for the low price of only Thirty million dollars before we see him in Deadpool 3 and X-Force Deadpool.

We will be seeing much more from Reynolds in Hollywood for years to come.

Number 1 Hollywood Celebrity – Dwayne The Rock Johnson ,87.5 million dollars

What do the two highest-paid men in Hollywood have in common?

They both appear in Netflix’s Red Notice and for the second year in a row The Rock is the biggest Baller in Hollywood and with a net worth of over 320 million dollars, it’s hard to believe this guy had such humble beginnings.

Apart from bringing home 23.5 million dollars from Netflix, he’s going on an adventure in Jungle Cruise a film based on the Disneyland ride.

He will also be playing DC’s Black Adam in next year’s Warner Brothers picture and we can’t wait to see his super suit.

We can only wish that we are part of the Hollywood list earning as much as each of these celebrities.

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