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We have all seen our fair share of MMA matches but have but some surprising weirdest moments that are unforgettable. Source: unsplash

We have all seen our fair share of MMA matches but have but some surprising weirdest moments that are unforgettable and we have consolidated the top 10 weirdest.

Some are deliberate, while many are the natural course of events that even the MMA fighters have no chance to stop.

Here are the top 10 weirdest moments in all of MMA history, starting from number 10.

Number 10 – Rousimar Palhares Celebrates thinking he has won but nope

During the match, Rousimar Palhares was facing Dan Miller in Rio, Palhares launched a heavy kick into Miller’s face and raining down punches while Miller guards with all high might. The referee pulled Palhares away and Palhares assumed that he had won by TKO and jumped up the cage raising his arms and celebrating his false victory.

The referee then told Palhares to get back down to continue the fight, the ultimate awkward moment for the MMA star.

Number 9 – Kalib Starnes ran away from the fight with Nate Quarry

After Starnes took one hell of a beating from Quarry, Starnes no longer had the will to continue the fight and told the referee he “was done” before he started running away from the match.

Quarry was dumbfounded when he saw Starnes running and started chasing Quarry around the cage like a cat and mouse game.

It was one of the most hilarious moments in MMA history.

Number 8 – Greg Jackson Taunts Georgres St-Pierre to attack with his ‘Groin’

The MMA fights are not just about physical prowess but also a tough mind game.

Players often taunt their opponents from time to time in an attempt to make their opponents lose focus. But sometimes, even coaches would do it in an attempt to motivate their fighters

Georges St-Pierre previously suffered muscle injuries at his groin during the UFC 100 and in one of the matches, St-Pierre told Jackson (Coach) about his injury.

Jackson gave St-Pierre to fight on and told St-Pierre to “Hit him with your groin”, it has become a famous quote in the world of MMA ever since.

Number 7 – Dennis Hallman appears in the ring with his magical panties

One would only think why would a fierce fighter appear in a ring with a feminine-looking undergarment.

As it turns out, Dennis Hallman worse the magical panties due to a bet, the skimpy-looking undergarment even exposed the Hallman’s lower body at one point.

Hallman was quickly defeated by Brian Ebersole in the first round of the fight and he was commended for quickly stopping Hallman from further exposing himself in the ring.

Since the incident, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White banned such clothing in all matches.

If this doesn’t make it to the top 10 weirdest list in MMA then tell me another man that wears panties to a fight.

Number 6 – Referee knocked out by Gilbert Yvel

Gilbert Yvel is a fighter who is notorious for his reputation for getting himself disqualified. He is a fighter who has been given the most disqualifications throughout MMA history.

The incident happened back in 2004 against Atte Backman, the referee was separating the two fighters as they were caught up in the ropes of the ring.

However, Yvel’s response to the referee pulling him was giving a punch straight onto his face with the referee falling to the ground and it did not stop here. 

Yvel started kicking the referee when he was down on the ground.

Number 5 – Anderson Silva fights for three rounds and started running away

The incident happened during UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, Anderson Silva also known as “The Spider” was going up against Demian Maia.

Anderson did well in the fights and Maia had no chance of a comeback.

With Silva taking the leading score he suddenly relaxed and avoided Maia as much as possible. It was as if he was running from the fights.

Although, Silva still won with the leading score. Dana White refused to put the championship belt on him and his actions have been described as “low” by fans from around the world.

Number 4 – James Chaney the biting rodent

When a fighter is pinned down by another, one would always do everything in their power to break free from the submission but Jame Chaney took it too far.

Chaney was going up against Jon Manley and he was locked in a submission position.

Chaney started to bite Manley’s rib cage area to escape the chokehold. This definitely makes it to the top 10 list of the weirdest MMA fights.

Number 3 – Mark Coleman was beaten up so badly that made his daughters afraid of him

During a match between Mark Coleman and Fedor Emelianenko, Cole took several hits and it was so bad his face was swollen while oozing blood.

His daughters were in the front seats and saw Coleman’s face which scared them real bad as if they had seen a monster.

The incident was flagged by the media and Coleman was called out for giving his daughters a traumatizing experience.

But come on, the media expected him to talk away from the octagon looking all cleanly shaved with baby lotion?

Number 2 – Rampage Jackson humping like a dog

Interview Heather Nichols was interviewing Rampage Jackson for a cover of Sports Illustrated and Jackson started to can physical.

He grab Nichols and started dry-humping her and started things started to get weird.

Nichols put up with his behavior and finished the interview in a professional manner.

Number 1 weirdest moment in MMA history – Tim Sylvia poops while fighting in the ring

The MMA heavyweight legend Tim Sylvia was one of the champions and he is considered very famous in the MMA scene.

Previously, footage of him pooping in his pants was not confirmed and supporters were quick to defend his honor and say: “This is bull“.

But later on, the heavyweight legend confirmed it and he said that he was not feeling well during that fight and he had problems holding it in.

I caught something, and I just couldn’t hold in my number twos… If you look at the fight you’ll see that when my shorts came down, you’ll see the wet mark in my underwear.”‘ said, Sylvia

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