Travis Scott Astroworld Music Festival Chaos
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Travis Scott Astroworld music festival saw at least 8 people killed and many others injured during a crash.

The first day of the festival featured rapper Travis Scott taking to the stage, with the incident happening on the opening night of the festival which saw crowds of over 50,000 people.

Fire Chief Samuel Peña from the Houston Fire Department confirmed the news.

Pushing to get to the front to see Travis Scott

The incident arose after hordes of fans were pushing and surging to get towards the front and nearer to the stage, panic soon ensued and people started to faint and fall unconscious.

Peña said the chaos worsened until 9.38pm when a “mass casualty incident” was triggered.

Many suffered cardiac arrests

Several people were seen lying down and suffering some form of cardiac arrest and/or medical episodes, about 17 people were conveyed to hospitals with 11 of those suffering cardiac arrests.

A Twitter user @officialshaane, who was at the scene described it as being unable to breathe or see.

Police investigations are currently underway, said Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, who added that it is very important not to speculate because no one has all the answers tonight.

He appealed against speculating because they have families who are hurting.

Astroworld festival’s second day cancelled

Astroworld Fest said in a statement on Twitter that they are focused on supporting local officials

They added that they will be cancelling the second day of the festival on Saturday.

Travis Scott stopped show, saw distressed fans

Scott stopped his 75 minutes show numerous times after witnessing fans in distress and he asked security to help them out of the crowd and make sure they were safe.

Emergency vehicles and flashing alarms were seen cutting through the crowds a few times as well.

Video footage of the harrowing scenes were also circulating on social media.

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