Travis Scott faces $2 billion lawsuit
A $2 billion lawsuit has been filed by a lawyer against rapper Travis Scott and the organizers of the concert for the Astroworld tragedy. Source: Twitter @raptvcom

Travis Scott faces $2 billion lawsuit following the Astroworld Tragedy that saw the death toll rise to 10 persons (and counting), filed by a lawyer against rapper Travis Scott and the organizers of the concert.

Ten people died and hundreds more were injured during the concert as a result of a crowd surge, with people reportedly being trampled over and some dying of asphyxiation.

Travis Scott faces $2 billion lawsuit

The lawsuits have been pouring in for Travis Scott and his team ever since the tragedy, with lawyer Thomas J Henry filing the biggest lawsuit to date.

Henry is seeking $2 billion in damages from Travis Scott, Apple Music, Live Nation, NRG Stadium, as well as guest performer Drake who made an appearance on stage alongside Scott.

The press release stated that the lawsuit was filed on behalf of 282 victims and at the time of writing, another 120 victims have since contacted his law firm to request representation for the injuries that they suffered in the tragedy.

Henry’s statement mentioned that the defendants “stood to make an exorbitant amount of money off the event”, and that they “still chose to cut corners, cut costs and put attendees at risk”.

His statement added that his clients want to ensure that they (Travis Scott and the organizers) are held responsible for their actions as well as to send a message that the Astroworld tragedy cannot happen again.

Decent track record

Thomas J Henry has a decent track record of securing lawsuit settlements in the US, with the money even amounting to the billions.

He shed light on the victim’s injuries, with some suffering brain injuries, broken bones, and heart attacks, to name a few – some of the injured are still traumatized because they had to step over the dead bodies of other people.

One of many lawsuits

This lawsuit comes in the wake of another lawsuit being filed against Travis Scott and the organizers, who are seeking up to $750 million in damages.

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