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The much-anticipated game between the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls was considered over by 3rd quarter. Source: Golden State Warrior Twitter

The much-anticipated game between the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls was considered over by 3rd quarter.

Golden State Warriors 119 – 93 Chicago Bulls

In the first quarter, the bulls took the first two points of the game after 3 and a half minutes with a layup by Demar Rozan.

Draymond Green quickly tie the game with a spectacular pass from Andrew Wiggins.

Steph Curry took a 3 point shop from two steps behind the 3 point line and made it and the Bulls were taken off guard.

The Bulls quickly returned the favor and Zach Lavine took a step back followed by a fate away with a 3 point shot.

Half of the first quarter was gone and the Bulls has had twice the points of the warriors (10 – 5).

The Warriors hit back with Jordan Poole II performing a free 3 point shot from the sidelines with less than 4 seconds on the shot clock.

The Warriors were getting serious and Curry performed a layup with no one defending him.

Chicago Bulls hit back with the same performance “pulling” the defenders from the rim by Lonzo Ball who did a fake 3 point shot but the ball was passed to Tony Bradley for a dunk.

The Bulls continued to pull off many 3 points shot as if they are intimidating Curry that he is not the only one that can perform 3 point shots.

The Bulls were leading by 6 points with 29 – 23 Warriors when the first quarter ended.

2nd Quarter

In the 2nd quarter, the Bulls were still performing well with Derrick Jones Jr. taking the first points of the 2nd quarter with a dunk.

Curry started to throw more 3s back at the Bulls to pull back the points.

With less than 11minutues left in the second quarter, Curry did a 3 pointer so fast it looks like he wasn’t aiming (He’s that good).

At 9.43 minutes, Alex Caruso was a bit off balance and Curry took the opportunity and did the same thing with a 3 point shot so fast that Caruso was caught off guard.

At 8.53 minutes, Curry was on fire and continued charging in with a layup passing 4 defenders. Bulls 33 – 31 Warriors.

7.23 minutes, the ball was stolen from Bull’s player Zach LaVine by Gary Payton II (GP2), GP2 did a back dunk as the defender was not fast enough to block him. Warriors 35 – 34 Bulls.

It was after that moment the game spiraled with the flow of the Warriors.

43 seconds left, Draymond Green took a 3 pointer bringing the lead further away. Warriors 51 – 43 Bulls.

Before the 2nd quarter ended Nemanja Bjelica did a bad pass and the ball was stolen by Derrick Jone Jr, Lonzo Ball quickly rushes for a drunk finishing 2nd quarter.

2nd quarter ended with Warriors 51 – 45 Bulls

3rd Quarter was all about Curry

In the 3rd quarter, Curry pulled the score further away and the Warriors took another 8 points just 5 mins into the quarter.

The bulls were getting desperate, at 9.50 minutes Zach Lavine attempted a 3 point shot but it was an airball.

Bradley recovered the rebound and passed the ball to Lonzo Ball for a 3 pointer. The bulls were still 8 points behind at 51 points.

Steph Curry returned the favor and did a flawless 3 pointer once again crushing the morale of the bulls.

In the 3rd quarter, the Warriors continued to pull away with the Bulls struggling for a comeback. With the Bull’s possession stolen several times, the Warriors seized the opportunity to score.

At this point, the game seems to be over. With less than a minute left in the quarter, Bjelica did a 3 pointer.

With less than 30 seconds in the game, The Bulls lost possession again and the game and Gary Payton II took an easy layup.

Ending 3rd quarter with Warriors 86 – 62 Bulls.

4th Quarter was all Warriors

In the 4th Quarter, the performance of the bulls was sluggish and probably demoralized with the current score.

Curry looks like he’s having fun and the Bulls were obviously trying to block off curry but the effort was futile.

Curry continued to score and with less than 5 minutes left in the quarter, the Warriors have already hit triple digits with 104 – 84 Bulls.

With less than 3 minutes in the game, the Warriors took it slow as they slowly dribble down the court.

The Bull’s defense was non-existent in the last 2 minutes of the game and the paint area was practically empty with Moses Moody taking his first 2 points of the game.

With less than 60 seconds on the clock, the ball was stolen from the Bulls again with Jonathan Kuminga doing a slam-dunk.


Curry took 40 points in the game and it is the Warriors’ 7th straight win in the league.

The Warriors will be playing against the Charlotte Hornet on Nov 14, 2021, at 7 PM (PST) at the Spectrum Center.

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