The iconic opening theme of the X-Men cartoon was what made me excited when I was a kid. Image Source: Disney Plus Twitter

The iconic opening theme of the X-Men cartoon was what made me excited when I was a kid.

Whenever the guitar riff starts, all the kids in the 90s would jump in excitement. It is the best rendition of all X-Men cartoons out there.

With Netflix playing a strong game with animated series, Disney Plus is also doing something special for animation fans.

Disney announced on Twitter that they will bring back the iconic 90s cartoon in 2023.

Many of the original cast who voiced the characters are returning including Cal Dodd the voice of Wolverine, Lenore Zann the voice of Rogue among 8 others.

Disney tweeted: “We’ve missed you, too. See you in 2023 with all-new episodes.”

The show was never completed in the 90s and many new renditions of the classic X-Men did not appeal to the fans as much as the original one.

The photo used in the tweet was an iconic scene with Wolverine looking at the photo of Jean Grey, which eventually became a famous Meme.

The photo titled the series X-Men97, the latest hashtags used on Twitter to celebrate the return of the legendary cartoon.

Fans commented on the post and hope that Disney Plus will also bring back the Spiderman from the 90s.

Editors Comment: One thing I hope they will bring back is the iconic opening theme song.

X-Men is just one of the annocements made

There have been many productions companies trying to remake old films or cartoons but remakes often end up bad, for example, the Death Note Anime which became one of Netflix’s worse live-action shows.

There is this saying “don’t fix something that isn’t broken“.

Other than X-Men, other Marvel series have been announced by Disney Plus including Agatha House of Harkness, Iron Heart, I am Groot, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, Echo, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and Moonknight.

Looks like there will be many more shows coming back in the coming years.

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